Tuesday, May 25, 2010

American Idol Final Competition

Well, another season has come and gone. This time, we are able to say that the show survived the loss of Paula Abdul. In a slightly predictable way, Ellen has shown that she can be nice and supportive, but even more than Paula provided real, constructive information that could help guide the contestants.

And as they introduce the judges, the remind the audience that this is Simon's last week on the show.

Hmm some mixup there. I think Crystal dropped her Mike and the director had her positioned in some odd way. Lee looks shell-shocked, like a deer staring at headlights, but only more panicked.

There are three rounds. The first song will be contestant selected, the second will be producer selected, and final song will be their first released single should they win the competition.

1. Lee Dewyze, The Boxer, #01, #03, #05
Oh I absolutely love his rendition. I've played it on my touch over and over. His voice adds a really sensitive and pained dimension to the song. Oh it's abridged. I've been used to the full song version on iTunes. The judges seem to think it was a bit laid back but I thought he did well.

2. Crystal Bowersox, Me and Bobby McGee #02, #04, #06
This is one of her awesome songs that I also play over and over. Ooh a nice key change and a crowd-encouraging come on. The judges seem to want all sorts of energy and excitement, but I found the excitement to be a tad over the top. But it was still one of her best renditions of the show.

3. Lee Dewyze, Everybody Hurts
The judges will hate this laid back song I'm sure, but he is handling it well. Hmmm not sure about a couple notes there. Nice ending, but this is really a placeholder song to me in comparison to his past weeks.

4. Crystal Bowersox, Black Velvet
OK so that had a real rock sound to it and she really had a wonderful comfort with it. That final note had tinges of Gokeyscream in there, but it wasn't a deal breaker. The judges loved it emphatically.

5. Lee Dewyze, Beautiful Day
He's doing the U2 song with an orchestrated pop sound. He looks all comfortable walking around in his red converse sneakers. The song itself is pretty tame and he's ramped it up some. A couple of odd notes at the beginning (but that has never been an issue in the past for him). He's actually smiling and working the crowd some this time around. Good closing.

6. Crystal Bowersox, Up to the Mountain
She's doing an acoustic guitar sound which makes perfect sense, since this is the first single she'll release if she wins. This is a classic Crystal folk-country sound. Gorgeous sound and totally unique sound. Awesome money note, and probably the best performance of the night. She's practically in tears.

I love both these two. Crystal more at the beginning of the season, Lee more towards the end of the season. But tonight, if I had to say, was Crystal's night.

Now, more Simonloving by everyone.

Interesting, a final song by performer Will Young. Not sure why they're not ending with the contestants, but Idol is Idol.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American Idol Final 4

American Idol Final 4

Jamie Foxx is our guest host, and we're going to be doing movie music.

#1,#5 - Lee DeWyze, Kiss From a Rose

It wasn't his best performance. Surprised that he took a rather simple song and didn't do much with it. Disappointed in him, but he's still one of my favorites to go forward.

#2,#6 - Michael Lynche, Will You Be There

Not exactly a good song for me with Michael. It wasn't something that rang out.

*** Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze in a duet, Falling Slowly

I loved Kris Allen's version, but as a duet, this was really a lovely, well down performance. The chemistry was perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

#3,#7 - Casey James, Mrs Robinson

Oh a Jason Castro moment, what with the uke. This is a nicely delicate rendition, though the sweetness does take off some of the best parts of the social edge, rendering the song rather safe and tame.

#4,#8 - Crystal Bowersox, I'm Alright

That was rather good, thank heavens, because she was somewhat disappointing the last couple weeks. I'm glad she shined and shouldn't be concerned this week.

*** Michael Lynche and Casey James in duet, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman

It's very plain and predictable, without any sizzle. They're basically just singing at the same time, rather than singing a duet.

My rankings:
1. Crystal #4,#8
2. Lee #1,#5
3. Casey #3,#7
4. Michael #2,#6

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Idol Top 5

Harry Connick Jr is the guest mentor on Sinatra night. Surprised that he helped do the arrangements for the contestants.

1. Aaron Kelly, Fly Me to the Moon

It's a decent sound, if a bit boy band. I like the arrangement but Aaron really sounded a bit slim to me on this.

2. Casey James, Blue Skies

Pitchy first notes. Hmm, this isn't very good unfortunately. Maybe it's because he's missing his guitar.

3. Crystal Bowersox, Summer Wind

Crystal changed the start enough that I did't even recognize the song at first. She sounds ok, but the genre isn't really good for her.

4. Michael Lynche, The Way You Look

I love this song, but his phrasing just isn't for me. His breathiness might be what sets me off.

5. Lee DeWyze, That's Life

Wow, I never would have expected him pulling off Sinatra, but he sounds wonderful.b

Lee #05
Crystal #03
Aaron #01
Michael #04
Casey #02

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol Top 6

American Idol Top 6

Shania Twain - oh I love her music.

Sorry I missed out on these performances when they were performed live. I was on vacation in

another country, so I'm reviewing this after I've come back.

1. Lee DeWyze, Still the One

It's a great sound. His voice really sounds good with this song, at least after his odd

opening note. I enjoy the interpretation, but the band's balance could have been better.

2. Michael Lynche,

Hmm his voice sounds pretty strained and the vibrato and falsetto still irk me. It's a good

song choice but something about it seemed just ok.

3. Casey James, Don't

It's a good sound for him. He sounds natural with this song. This is one of his best he's


4. Crystal Bowersox,

Not dissing her sound, but the song choice is kinda odd. It's not just a peculiar pick from

the Shania Twain library. First time I'm less than impressed with Crystal.

5. Aaron Kelly, You've got a Way

A couple of odd notes, though the song choice is good here. It's a really good sound for


6. Siobhan Magnus, Any Man of Mine

I like the idea that she's singing this song, but there were a surprising number of pitchy

notes. After the scream, the money note ended good.

1. Lee #01
2. Casey #03
3. Aaron #05
4. Crystal #04
5. Siobhan #06
6. Michael #02

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Idol Top 7

It's Idol Gives back week. We have Alicia Keyes as the mentor.

1. Casey James, Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

This is too easy to be karaoke. It was predictable really, so it's not really showing anything about him special. The judges are tough on him.

2. Lee DeWyze, The Boxer

Oh I love this song, so I hope he doesn't wreck it. Well it's certainly got the Paul Simon sensitivity, but nicely his few changes made it sound fairly current. His wonderful voice was seems showcased this week. He handled it respectably if safely.

3. Tim Urban, Better Days

I like the song, but he didn't seem to have the vocal control that he had last week. He closes his eyes quite a bit lately - perhaps it gives him that sensitivity look? The problem is that he's raising the bar and we're now expecting him to be better than he started.

4. Aaron Kelly, I Believe I Can Fly

His vibrato has lately been getting on my nerves. But he's got a good song by which to work the girls' heartstrings. Hmm, tonight he's got a bit of a KD Lang look. Really nice money note.

5. Siobhan Magnus, When You Believe

She really doesn't want to be wearing Adam Lambert's mantle, and she's doing it pretty predictably. Hmm, risky song to choose. It's hard to sound good with these megastar diva songs. Nothing special to me.

6. Michael Lynche, Hero

This is way too risky I think, especially since David Cook nailed this two years ago. It didn't really do much for me, frankly, but that was a decent money note.

7. Crystal Bowersox, People Get Ready

She's doing it without instruments! Wow, I love her voice so much. Ooh this is one sexy number and it definitely fits the inspirational theme. Go girl, that was a nice high note. Wow, she really broke up at the end there. That was intense!

So here are my rankings

Crystal #7
and then there were the others...
Lee #2
Casey #1
Tim #3
Michael #6
Aaron #4
Siobhan #5

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol Top 8 (Plus 1 Save)

Last week, Michael Lynche was saved, so though we're suppose to have only 8 finalists this week, it's another episode with 9 contestants: 8 plus 1 save.

Adam Lambert is the host! Let's see if he can wake some of these people up. Ooh, especially since it's Elvis night. I suspect there will be a number of odd efforts to over-respect Elvis and basically sound all karaoke.

1. Crystal Bowersox, I Used to Drink

She looks like she's emphasizing the gospel emphasis tonight. My goodness she has such a real, pro-style voice. I can't wait to hear her on the radio on a regular basis. This is a hot sound.

2. Andrew Garcia, Hound Dog

He's really doing this way too relaxed. This is a provocative song of a bad dawg; Andrew sounds like he's wooing a nun. I like his voice but this version just isn't that good.

3. Tim Urban, Falling in Love

Tim's doing acoustic again. Thank goodness, because he sounds so nice with acoustic guitar. Odd phrasing, but it's quite sweet and tender. Wow, that was really very good. I enjoyed it quite a bit and it might have been his best performance.

4. Lee DeWyze, A Little Less Conversation

Mmm, I just love this boy's voice. I really hope he and Crystal do a duet during the summer concert. He just lacks the showman pizzazz that winners of Idol tend to have.

5. Aaron Kelly, Blue Suede Shoes

Pitchy. That's all there is to it. It's an odd song choice to me, too. Oh he's dancing, so that's charming. Well the money note was good.

6. Siobhan Magnus, Suspicious Mind
I think she is most like Adam, so she should go as crazy as possible. She has a lovely sound to me. Oh and she goes for the money note. Nicer in the second half. The body language was sort of so-so but the vocals were good. Not sure why the judges are so tough on her.

7. Michael Lynche, In the Ghetto
Nice sound, but a boring arrangement to me. Not really getting Michael or why everyone loves him so much. It is better when he plays the guitar, that's for sure. One thing's for sure, though. After the save, he'll be safe this week.

8. Katie Stevens, What do you want me to do
She is pumping her up her voice on this one. Not sure I like the look but she's showing some good 'tude tonight. She's showing she has pipes again.

9. Casey James, Loudy Ms Cloudy
Not sure I like this song choice. It's not one of the easy songs to do. There's too much pitchiness and discomfort all around. It's just awkward. I normally like his voice, but this just wasn't his best.

Here's my rankings:

Crystal #1
Lee #4
Tim #3
Siobhan #6
Casey #9
Aaron #5
Michael #7
Alex #2

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

American Idol Top 9

American Idol Top 9
2010 April 6

Beatles night! Oh dear, Paul McCartney shouldn't have close-ups any more. OK, so let's see if these contestants can impress us like in previous seasons. I know I can be picky when it comes to these songs, so I'll try to be forgiving. Really hoping Siobhan has a better week than last week.

1. Aaron Kelley, The Long and Winding Road

Oh this can be to treacly. What a weird number for him to sing, given that he's such a youngster. Is he practicing for his prom? Not happy with the choice and it's a too predictable a performance. Some odd notes, too. Well, a reasonable money note.

2. Katie Stevens, Let It Be

Once again, a kid singing one really old person song. What's up with Katie and Aaron? Katie just hates singing her age. She sounds pretty good, but it's just weird having a kid talk about prom and singing this old geezer song. A better arrangement than Aaron's admittedly, with a good money note and a really nice sound.

3. Andrew Garcia, Can't Buy Me Love

Interesting pop sound. I like his voice but his stage presence is a bit of a problem. I liked the way he twisted it just a little bit. Not sure if I'll download this one, but it isn't boring or karaoke.

4. Michael Lynche, Eleanor Rigby

Ooh, this is one of my favorites, so better be careful. Quirky change-up. Pretty modern sound, with nice dark tones. Not sure still about his voice but I like the interpretation. Sort of in agreement with Simon on this one.

5. Crystal Bowersox, Come Together

Hmm, this is risky. I don't know if it's the most accessible song for America. She's back to being our rocker momma chick. Wow a didgeridoo in a rock song? She's just so authentic rock, with real talent from top to bottom. This should be on the radio.

6. Tim Urban, All My Lovin'

Oh my it starts so slow and corny. He's got that pretty boy look going though. What a simplistic beginning; almost could be done on a uke. Finally starts loosening up. Sort of a campy rendition, so sort of loses some that infectious fun of the original. But it's quite pleasing to the ear.

7. Casey James, Jealous Guy (Lennon)

He really let his hair go all rock star tonight, but he's got a soul and country sound. Wow, he really took this song apart and made it deep. Surprisingly touching. Might be his best performance.

8. Siobhan Magnus, Across the Universe

What a wild outfit and retro hair. For some reason she's going way slow and tender, which is not what I want to hear from her. I like her wilder and Lambert-esque. I'm pretty disappointed again, for the second week.

9. Lee DeeWyze, Hey Jude

OK, so I compare him to Kris's rendition, much less the original. Not a very different rendition but he does have that good smoky sound. What the heck? Bagpipes? Haha, now that I admit is pretty different. What a night! Didgeridos and bagpipes. Fun fun.

So here are my rankings for this week.

Crystal #5
Casey #7
Lee #9
Katie #2
Tim #6
Andrew #3
Michael #4
Aaron #1
Siobhan #8

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American Idol 2010-03-30 Top 10

Watching this contest from the East Coast for a change, so all you West Coast folks, you may want to close your browser til you had a chance to watch the show.

Oh nice, it's Soul / R&B tonight. Usher is the mentor for this show. Ought to be a more unpredictable contest, that's for sure.

1. Siobhan Magnus

Singing a Chakha Khan number. Some pitchiness, especially in the higher registers, surprisingly to me. Not her best performance; perhaps it's the song choice. Even her Lambert yell wasn't up to her normal levels. Well, the final money note was better.

2. Casey James, Hold On I'm Comin

This is a good song choice for him. It really allows him to use that bluesy sound in his voice. Hmm, did he forget the words? Good sound and energy. Surprised that the girls weren't impressed.

3. Michael Lynche, Here Is Love

Such a slow safe song. Thankfully, he's opting for vibrato over his normal falsetto. It sounded good, but it was pretty dull and not exactly challenging. My they really love Michael's performance.

4. Didi Benami, What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted

Good look, though there were a more than a few pitch issues. It was pretty darn dull until the final money note, which itself wasn't so hot. Judges seem bored to tears.

5. Tim Urban, Sweet Love

Usher asked Tim to sing the love song to him... Interesting! The mike was underpowered at the start of the song. Tim's got his puppy eyes working the cameras. Much better and more sincere than last week. Not a powerful voice, but at least usually on pitch. Nails the money note.

6. Andrew Garcia, Forever

Tore the song down and rebuilt it really to a nice place. Seems a bit disconnected from us with his eyes closed. I like the sound, and I'm excited that he finally sounded good again for the first time in ages.

7. Katie Stevens, Chain of Fools

I like her voice, but why does she try to look like she's 20 years older than she really is? The sound is good except for the odd pitchy notes. OK money note.

8. Lee Dewyze, Treat Her Like a Lady

Good grief, he's performing with walking pneumonia? Oh wow, this is an exciting performance. So soulful and he really has a that David Cook sexy sound. If the boy just had a little more charisma.

9. Crystal Bowersox, Midnight Train to Georgia

Wow, what a different look for her. This is a smoking version. Girl! You go! I don't even know what to say because it was perfect.

10. Aaron Kelly, Ain't No Sunshine

Now, I thought Kris tore this one apart last year, so I'll be pretty picky. It was pretty good after a while, but the vibrato was not quite right. He certainly must be getting that teen girl votes.

OK - starting to see what my finals will be if I had my choice: Crystal vs Lee. Got my wish the last couple years, so wondering if they'll be able to continue wowing.

Crystal Bowersox #09
Lee Dewyze #08
Casey James #02
Andrew Garcia #06
Aaron Kelly #10
Michael Lynche #03
Tim Urban #05
Katie Stevens #07
Siobhan Magnus #01
Didi Benami #04

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Idol Top 11

American Idol Top 11
Top Billboard Hits

OK, so last week we lost Lacey. Interestingly, the bottom three on the show were my bottom three. Wonder if I'll be on target again this week.

The mentor is Miley Cyrus? I guess age isn't the issue, since she's sold millions.

1. Lee DeWyze, The Letter

Well he's got a pretty hip look. I really like the quality of his voice. Still has a deer in the headlights look about him. Only one odd note to me, but the rest was great. Simon didn't like the song choice, but I think he overcame any limitations of the song.

2. Paige Miles, Against All Odds

With this song, I am expecting pitch problems. Yup, here they are. Not a good start. Why is she starting so breathy? She's ramping up, but it's not good. Ouch! And a very wispy ending. The judges are destroying her; Ellen did a Paula Abdul: "You look great. Next"

3. Tim Urban, Crazy Thing Called Love

I like his voice in this song, but it's an odd choice to me. Maybe he's trying to secure that cougar vote. He just slid across the stage. It was almost a Jagger crotch in the camera moment. He avoided the falsetto (smartly). The judges weren't very impressed, but to me it's because of the song choice.

4. Aaron Kelly, I Don't Want to Miss A Thing

Oh no, he's got tonsillitis. I think it's more like he's hitting puberty. How cute, he has a crush on Miley. Mmm, he doesn't sound like he's toughing it very much. Silky voice; more sensitive and a slightly country compared to David Cook's rendition. Not bad all things considered.

5. Crystal Bowersox, Me and Bobbie McGee

She made a change up and was told by Miley to showcase her higher notes. Mmm, she's got a such a commercial voice. I like her upgraded look these past few weeks. Got more interesting as the song went on. I love it love it love it - she's so good!

6. Michael Lynche, When a Man Loves a Woman

It's a nice sound, but for the most part, to me, it was pretty safe and predictable. He does have a good stage presence though.

7. Andrew Garcia, Heard It Through the Grapevine

Really an odd song choice. Certainly had more interesting than any predictable derivative sound. He's definitely more mobile when he loses his guitar. Ouch, the judges are skewering him. Not sure why they're so rough on him because they're the ones screwing up his head.

8. Katie Stevens, Big Girls Don't Cry

Hey she finally did a youthful song. The sound works for her. She still sounds a lot older than her age, but she I hope realizes that she can do more young songs. More pitchy than usual though.

9. Casey James, Power of Love

Interesting choice of songs - the song's a couple decades old and pretty dated to me. He's just standing there like a wet noodle. He should be doing some strutting around. Heck, his backup musicians are more mobile. Kinda safe all around, as he never went for some risky notes. Thank you Simon. He's the only one who saw what I saw.

10. Didi Benami, You're No Good

She's got that attitude thing working again this week. I didn't care for it as much as the judges last week, but admittedly her voice is kinda fun (though pitchy) this week to me. Oddly, the judges didn't care for it this time.

11. Siobhan Magnus, Superstition

Siobhan is so odd looking but I really have grown to love her voice. OMG look at this look! She's a hot mama from the 80s all of a sudden! She's got such an easy stage presence. Night and day from some of the others. Her velvent voice had some pitchy notes. Hmm somewhat screechy money note. I like her performance overall though.

* My Rankings *
Crystal #5
Lee #1
Aaron #4
Siobhan #11
Michael #6
Katie #8
Casey #9
Andrew #7
Tim #3
Didi #10
Paige #2

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

American Idol - Top 12 - March 26, 2009

1. Michael Lynche

Wow, what a bluesy start to Miss You. Shifts to a sexy R&B number. Some pitchiness, but it's entertaining, albeit with some odd dancing. Still not a fan of his falsetto, but everything else works.

2. Didi Benami

Playing with Fire. Starts out pretty boring to me without a hint of where she's going. Hint of a ramp up in power. She's grabbing the stage, though there are a couple odd notes.

3. Casey James

It's All Over Now. Power country sound, thank heavens. Maybe it's me but he's looking more feminine with each episode - what's up with that? Sort of a lesser-than expected money note. Good bluesy sound.

4. Lacey Brown

Ruby Tuesday. Odd arrangement. It's a little bit of a wispy start. Hmm, normally I like her but this isn't working for me. She looks good. Not happy with that money note.

5. Andrew Garcia

Gimme Shelter. It's a good song choice. He's letting his smoky voice take charge and he's showing that he does have some stage presence. Surprised he showed up without the guitar. Nice money note. I didn't agree with Randy that he was flat.

6. Katie Stevens

She's singing Wild Horses that comes across as a ballad. I don't ever recall a RS ballad. Katie is a sweet thing with a lush grown-up voice with few pitch problems. I like her, but am betting that rather than taking the youth vote, she's going to take the middle age vote.

7. Tim Urban

Here's cougar-bait Tim doing Under My Thumb. Odd reggae version made his voice sound reedy. He knows how to work the camera though. Smooth voice is his standard. Hmm, did he forget the words? Not a big wow for me, unfortunately.

8. Siobhan Magnus

Painted Black. Dramatic staging, almost Adam Lambert-esque. Sultry start. Interesting, having a hard time ramping up the energy to this power song. Maybe because it started out so low. Hmmm, the money note was screechy to me. Takes it all back with a quiet ending. Very Adam Lambert - totally love the entertaining show.

9. Lee DeWyze

He's doing Beast of Burden? Ooh, took it apart into a lovely acoustic sound. Sort of what Kris Allen did much last year. I really love his voice. He could be more engaging on the stage. I think the judges were rough on him. I don't think he wasn't that boring.

10. Paige Miles

Honky Tonk Woman. Country sound? I think it's a bit low and too vibrato for me. She's got stage presence though. When she soars, she sounds much better. Wow, she had laryngitis this week? Then she did well with that considered.

11. Aaron Kelly

Angie. Here's the teen girl vote getter. He's starting with a boy-band look. I like that leather shirt. This is a good song for him. He'll get the youth vote with that one. This worked very well for me.

12. Crystal Bowersox

You Can't Always Get What You Want. Oh good, she's got the guitar. Nice country take with a some good riffs. I like the power ramp up. She really is seeming relaxed on stage. I just love her.

* Here's my ranking *
Siobhan #08
Crystal #12
Aaron #11
Michael #01
Lee #09
Casey #03
Didi #02
Andrew #05
Katie #06
Tim #07
Lacey #04
Paige #10

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol - Vote for the 8 Men - 03/10/2010

American Idol - Vote for the 8 Men - 03/10/2010

1. Lee DeWyze
It's a nice good sound, though somewhat lacking in perkiness. I like his sound alot. There were some odd notes, but it wasn't overly distracting. It was clever and rockish.

2. Alex Lambert
Singing Trouble. He's got a really interesting tenor voice and he's doing a more country sound than I think he's done before. He's drawling all over the place, and it's kinda guy-sultry. I like the song choice, but it wasn't the most energetic.

3. Tim Urban
Doing Hallelujah, which I absolutely adore, so I'm nervous. Hmmm, so far it's kinda karaoke following the song a bit strictly. Ooh, so she changed it up some. It's quivering, but I like it because it fits. I like his performance look - he's marketable. Cougars must be liking this guy.

4. Andrew Garcia
Singing Genie in a Bottle. He's really taking the song apart. It's the oddest song to do, but it's fresh and enjoyable to me. Somewhat gimmicky to do, but I like what he's done to it. Ooh, nice ending!

5. Casey James
Interesting, he's doing Keith Urban. Mmmm, he's got a wonderful chocolate-sauce baritone voice tonight. I like I like.

6. Aaron Kelly
Oh no I don't like the starting vibrato. Is it nerves? OK, so he calmed down. Nice sound if vaguely pitchy and nervous. Most upbeat song tonight so far.

7. Todrick Hall
Doing Queen's Somebody to Love. The Falsetto is soooo wrong, flat and a weak reflection of the original. Ouch. I'm not happy here. Looking for my mute button. What are these judges smoking? They loved it? Egads.

8. Michael Lynche
Wow, he starts of with a serious falsetto. Hmm, he's going serious soul on this. It's good but not crazy about the arrangement or the falsetto. Not an off note though and with lots of power.

Here's the order!

1. Alex
2. Tim
3. Michael
4. Lee
5. Andrew
6. Casey
7. Aaron
8. Todrick

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Idol - Vote for the 8 Women - 03/9/2010

American Idol - Vote for the 8 Women - 03/9/2010

Gonna rush through it tonight because I think it's only one hour.

1. Katie Stevens

No. Pitchy. Gotta stop now. Well, maybe it's good she kept going because it eventually got better. This song choice did nothing for me because it's not distinctive. She just sings like she's too old for herself. The judges keep saying she hasn't found herself yet. I disagree. She knows what it is, but unfortunately, it's not a good match with her age.

2. Siobhan Magnus

Sings House of the Rising Sun. I really like her luscious long notes. That was a sexy arrangement. The judges seem to agree. Well, not Simon - he was bored.

3. Lacie Brown

Sort of a quirky sound to this song. Some country vibrato, which I didn't expect. She's really indulging in those falsettos. Admittedly, they're on key. Surprised she sounds pretty good to me, in comparison to past weeks.

4. Katelyn Epperly

She's singing I feel the earth move but man, for me the earth didn't move. What a weird song choice. It didn't impress at all and she didn't seem like she was trying.

5. Didi Benami

Another boring song. What's up with all this slowness? Isn't anyone interested in pumping us up? She sounds good, but I'm not particularly jazzed. Unlike previous seasons, I hardly agree with Simon this year.

6. Paige Miles

Singing the absolutely depressing Smile. Is she nervous? She sounds horrible uncomfortable and wispy. The key change sounded like a mistake.

7. Crystal Bowersox

She definitely upgraded her looks. Interesting, she started slow but worked up to a much more powerful performance, the most energetic one of the evening. To me, she's the most distinctively and consistently enjoyable performer this season. I'm a fan.

8. Lille Scott

Patsy Cline? Really? I Fall To Pieces... I am soooo not as smitten with her as the judges because this made no sense to me. It just doesn't make sense. And she was pitchy too. Well she she changed it up at the end, but still was a weird song for me.

So here's my list

Crystal #07
Siobhan #02
Lacie #03
Katie #01
Lillie #08
Didi #05
Katelyn #04
Paige #06

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol - Vote for the 10 Women - 03/3/2010

American Idol - Vote for the 10 Women - 03/3/2010

1. Crystal Bowersox
She's a twin, she's recovered from last night's stay at the hospital, and she's pretty sentimental. She's going to do Credence tonight with just one instrument, the guitar. Ooh, pulling out the gospel stops. Man, I like her voice. She's got great money notes and wow a wonderful humming ending. Wow they're gushing, thank heavens. She's the most talented person this year to me.

2. Haeley Vaughn
Her secret is that she's bubbly? She'll be singing Miley's Climb. She's got a real a good sound, but wondering how copycat it might sound. Not sure it's a good song choice at all. It's not pitch perfect, and largely dull and listless. Too bad.

3. Lacey Brown
Her hobby is antiquing and refurbishing. She's doing Kiss Me. Still has some pitch problems. But definitely better than last week's disaster but could be better. The judges seem rough with her, but they're largely right on. She needs to step it up because she's not showing any star quality.

4. Katie Stevens
She can say "give me a kiss in 6 languages"... Okay... She's doing "Put your records on" tonight. I like the sound of her voice and she's pretty. Katie grabbed a youthful song on the advice of the judges, but umm she made it sound old fashioned. The falsetto was pushed and there were some pitchy notes, but she's got luscious low notes. Judges don't like her older sound.

5. Didi Benami
She was a middle school mascot before she became a cheerleader. She's doing "Lean on Me" and she's much more comfortable in her higher registers. Not sure that was a good song choice. Hmm the judges seem to agree. This isn't as bad as they make it sound.

6. Michelle Delamor
She's a kid's choir director at church. She's doing "With Arms Wide Open", and she's definitely giving us unchurchy stares. She's doing a diva turn on this song. It's voice doesn't sound strong or deep enough to do a diva. Even that money sounds short-changed. I'm glad they didn't crucify her because she wasn't as bad as they made it sound.

7. Lilly Scott
She's a musician. She's doing Sam Cooke with her guitar. I like this much more than last week, because I can actually recognize the tune. Her voice is surprisingly delicate given her tough look. Not sure about some of the ways she handles low notes. She handles her scales well.

8. Katelyn Epperly
Had been studying to be a sound engineer. She'll be playing the piano. Ouch flat on the 4th note. She has a nice sound and she's pretty. It's a pretty good song for her to come on strong. Nice money note.

9. Paige Miles
She's into coloring with markers. Hmm... She's doing a Kelly Clarkson song, which I think is always risky because the judges adore her. Some pitchiness tonight, so it's not as good as last week for me.

10. Siobhan Magnus
She had a mohawk. She's doing Aretha's Think. Oh, she's got a lovely voice and pretty low register but that falsetto wasn't great. I like her look and she's definitely entertaining and relaxed out there. Mmm, awesome money note.

Here are my rankings:

Crystal #01
Lilly #07
Siobhan #10
Katelyn #08
Paige #09
Didi #05
Katie #04
Michelle #06
Lacey #03
Haeley #02

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

American Idol - Vote for the 10 Men - 03/2/2010

American Idol - Vote for the 10 Men - 03/2/2010

Wow, big change. Crystal Bowersox evidently is at the hospital and cannot perform tonight. So, because of that, the men are performing tonight instead of the women.

One thing is striking me about the men so far... "Where's the star quality?" The reason I was bummed by them last week I think was that they lacked some of the confidence that top men have had in the past.

1. Michael Lynche
Impressive muscles on him in the pre-song interview: he was doing bicep curls with Aaron Kelly. He's singing "This is a Man's World" and he's clearly trying to own the stage. A little theatrical but he's got good chops. For the title of the song, he's doing a Diva turn and he's making it work. Judges are drooling.

2. John Park
John learned English in 10th grade. It's sort of a slow John Mayer tune, but sung with a lot more passion and resonance than his performance last week. He sold his money note there. Judges seemed to think he was better than last week but still seemed to undersell himself.

3. Casey James
He grew up without tv - that's his interesting story? Oh interesting, he's playing a hard rock number on his guitar. He's kinda doing a Constantine with his looks and rock motif. Wondering if the cougars will enjoy watching this performance. Some of his vocals aren't as strong as they've been in the past. I agree with Ellen: he's a touch stiff. Kara said he's going backwards.

4. Alex Lambert
As a kid, made up his own language, which makes sense because he's such a nervous wreck. He's singing "Everybody knows" with his guitar. He's much more comfortable than last week. He needs to let his natural boyish charm get into his music. I like his voice, which is quite pleasant. Interesting, went for the falsetto money note. Randy likes his package.

5. Todrick Hall
Started out as a danger in live theatre. He's doing Tina Turner? His voice crackles and has some pitchiness. At least the melody is discernable this week. Hmm I did not enjoy that money note. Randy liked it though. The judges seem to be trying to get him to do something different.

6. Jermaine Sellers
Not sure I get the "onesy" outfit that he's pushing in the pre-song interview. He's doing Marvin Gaye's "What's going on". I like the song but there's definite pitch problems for me. It got better as it went on.

7. Andrew Garcia
He's also a break dancer. Tonight he won't be playing his guitar. Gonna do a ballad - this kid has a voice that's so smooth and clean. I'm not happy about the song choice but he's sounds much better than last week. A couple of odd notes there for me. Boy he must have set the bar high because they keep referencing his performance of a Paula Abdul song.

8. Aaron Kelly
He's also an amateur photographer. He's doing "My Girl". Oh yeah, he looks much more relaxed this week. He's a ton of vibrato in his voice. I like his twists on the tune, similar in some ways to what David Archuleta used to do. Oh hmm not a strong finish to me.

9. Tim Urban
Comes from a big family. He's playing the guitar this week. Looks reasonable attractive and carries himself better this week. His voice is much more on track this week. Nice long note. Still some strength missing in his voice. Ellen said he might be better as an actor. Simon hits it: he's much better this week than last.

10. Lee Dewyze
Sounds like he had a roughneck youth, as he made many "wrong decisions" apparently. Gonna sing Lips of Angels without a guitar. I love the sound of his voice, which is commercial and very Cookish. Couple odd notes, but good to watch and hear.

My rankings:

Michael #01
Lee #10
Alex #04
Andrew #07
Andrew #08
Casey #03
Tim #09
John #02
Jermaine #06
Todrick #05

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

American Idol - Vote for the 12 Men - 02/24/2010

American Idol - Vote for the 12 Men - 02/24/2010

Waiting for the show to start. Not sure why they think the women were better this season. I wasn't overly impressed yesterday. I think the men might surprise tonight.

Looks like FOX is having problems keeping their top rated show on. This error screen is both on high def and regular FOX. Sad.

1. Todrick Hall
He's singing something that's a bit more hip hop. Not sure I'm up on the sound. Seems like a slightly nerdy version of the radio singers. The pitchiness is not great for me. Judges for the most part feel he murdered it.

2. Aaron Kelly, 16, from Sonestown, PA
He seems pretty marketable, but I think he's going to be like David Archuleta and susceptible to losing his words. There's some nervous pitchiness in there. He doesn't have enough control of his notes, even though he's got good tonality. Simon is right in saying he needs self-confidence.

3. Jermaine Sellers from Joliet IL
Church singer, whose bio was interrupted by a terrible FOX broadcast of news highlights. He's doing a falsetto start, but breaks out into a contemporary Gospel sound. Interesting, ends with a jazz chord. Some uncomfortable pitchiness in there. Simon's brutal tonight.

4. Tim Urban, 20, of Duncanville TX
He originally was sent home but is a substitute. He's singing "Apologize", he's got a clean-cut but rocking look. I like his voice in general but his falsetto isn't good. Why did he choose a song with so much falsetto?

5. Joe Munoz, 20, from nearby Huntington Park, CA
He's singing a Jason Mraz song. Funny, he looks like my nephew RJ with that scarf. He seems pretty nervous. He seems like a nice person, and his vibrato is a bit much, but it's better than what we've seen earlier so far. Kara agrees.

6. Tyler Grady, 20, of Nazareth PA
He's all about the 70s rocker look and he's gonna do "American Woman", which is just a little too predictable. So far, he's got the most enjoyable performance. Except for when he pushed that high note, he had the low registers under control. Limp ending.

7. Lee Dewyze , 25, Chicago
He's playing the guitar. Finally some energy and with notes that are mostly right on. The song choice was good for his voice. My fave for tonight. Interesting Randy and Kara didn't care for it. Simon agrees with me.

8. John Park, 21, Northbrook, IL
Shania totally loves him - so funny. He's doing a jazz standard "God Bless this Child". Reasonable sound but felt pretty plastic sounding to me. Simon took a butcher knife to him.

9. Michael Lynch, 26, from St Petersburg, FL
He's the one who just had a newborn during Hollywood week. Wow, he's singing a pop song. Not sure if I get this performance at all. Well, that money note wasn't so good for me. Simon was the only one who spoke truth tonight on Michael.

So far -- not a happy night for me. I think that they might be right; the women are stronger than the men this year. Didn't hear anything tonight that wowed me.

10. Alex Lambert, 19, from TX
Slightly flat, but lovely rich tone and he's singing fairly well, hmm, until that falsetto. He's good looking but, hehe, Alex is definitely not a dancer and a nervous wreck. I'd like to see him relax and grow into himself.

11. Casey James, 27, from Fort Worth
He's got some good looks and plays a slow guitar ballad "Heaven". He seems comfortable and has safe sound. Man, it's ok, but it sure makes me think fondly of that wonderful David vs David year, when Cook knocked this one out of the park. It's pretty good but there are some notes that are slightly off.

12. Andrew Garcia, 23, of nearby Moreno Valley CA
Have great hopes for Andrew, since he was the only guy during the city auditions that struck me as impressive. Another guy playing the guitar while singing. He seems to be playing it safe to me with "Straight Up". I like the sound of his voice, but really think he can do better. Simon was disappointed, too.

So, the rankings for tonight for me:

1. Lee Dewyze #07
2. Andrew Garcia, #12
3. Casey James #11
4. Alex Lambert #10
5. Joe Munoz #05
6. Aaron Kelly #02
7. Michael Lynch #09
8. Tyler Grady #06
9. Tim Urban #03
10. John Park #08
11. Jermaine Sellers #04
12. Todrick Hall #01

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Idol - Vote for the 12 Women - 02/23/2010

American Idol - Vote for the 12 Women - 2/23/2010

Oh I love the voting part of this show. I'm so glad we get to do voting like it used to be. Last year's voting in the semi-finals seemed so weird. This seems much more rational.

Here are our judges: Ellen, Randy, Kara and Simon.

1. Paige Miles, 24, from Naples Florida
I'm liking that last performance before the final selection. Here's her song. She sure likes to clap with her arms above her head. "All Right Now". She's energetic and she has a sexy deep voice. Nice riff there. Gospel money note sounded good and controlled. The judges think the song choice was a problem, but I thought it was fine. Oh, she did not say "pee" on tv.

2. Ashley Rodriguez, 22, from Chelsea, MA
Sang a breathy and deep song. She looks pretty. This is not a good song but it seems a little boring and wispy. You can tell she has a nice voice, but it's not one that really suits her. Kara thinks that she shouldn't choose a diva song because it didn't make her stand out.

3. Janell Wheeler, 24, from Orlando
She had a good Hollywood audition, so hoping she sounds that good tonight. "What About Love" from Heart. She's sounding sort of flat, but she's got that Kelly Pickler thing going on. Seemed either nervous or the song wasn't a good match. Randy is going on about the song choice.

4. Lilly Scott, 20, from Littleton, CO
She's gonna do "Fixin a Hole" from the Beatles? I don't get it. She sounds wispy at first. She looks like Uncle Fester with a wig. She's trying to turn the song on its side, but to a Beatlemaniac like me, it's just kinda musak and dull. Not a good song choice to me, but Ellen likes the choice. Evidently they like her for her odd voice and choice. My they love her. Not in agreement here.

5. Katelyn Epperly, 19, from West Des Moines, IA
She has a pretty marketable look and persona. She's doing "Oh Darling" from the Beatles with a country twang but dressed like Madonna 1980s. She's got a good pleading voice and I like her controlled ending. Good money note. They like her in general.

6. Haeley Vaughn, 16, from Denver
She's got such a bubbly personality and she's doing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand". Sort of screaming the first line. This is another odd rendition. Almost a uke sound to the arrangement. She's got a nice high voice, but this arrangement takes too many risks for me because she's not right on key during those times. She sounds best when she stays in control but it wasn't quite right.

7. Lacey Brown, 24, from Amarillo, TX
She got cut last year at the last minute, but this year has magenta hair. Must be a site at her church! She's doing "Landslide" and starts off well. Hmm, she has a good voice, but she's starting to wander around. I wonder what she'd sound like with a livelier sound. Nice money note. Yeah, she's not looking popular at the moment.

8. Michelle Delamor, 24, from Miami
She's a corporate singer and children's choir leader. She's got a bubbly personality, too. Singing a very sultry song. Sort of slow and predictable, but hits a good money note. She's a pro. Kara didn't like her performance, but everyone else thought she did ok.

9. Didi Benami, 23, from Knoxville, TN
She had a totally different look in Hollywood, where she had a great sound singing "Terrified". Singing "The Way I Am" tonight. She's singing a quirky, folk sound. She's looking comfortable, but she's can't own the stage with this song. Her money note went slightly flat.

10. Siobhan Magnus, 19, from Cape Cod
She's singing Chris Isaac with a super low voice. She's got a pretty look, sings with nice control. Not an obviously good song to choose, but it somehow works. She carried the haunting feel very well. She seems to like singing guy songs.

11. Crystal Bowersox, 24, from Ohio
Singing "Hand in My Pocket". She's got a wonderful sound, and she's a real musician. Not a particularly original sound, but it's very melodic. Dang, she's doing the harmonica along with the guitar. She's a risk taker, alright. She still controlled her breathing well enough to sound fab.

12. Katie Stevens, 17, from Middlebury CT
Doing Michael Buble's "Feelin Good". Wow, she has such a grown-up voice. Dang, she eats up the screen. Her voice when amped up is pretty good, though the lower notes are less pretty, slight sharp mostly. Nice money note. Interesting, Ellen and Simon thought she sang a song that was too old for her.

Overall, Ellen Degeneres had good opinions. I liked that she was willing to disagree and say her mind, but in a constructive manner.

So far, my rankings are

1. Crystal #11
2. Paige #01
3. Katelyn #05
4. Siobhan #10
5. Katie #12
6. Ashley #02
7. Michele #08
8. Janell #03
9. Didi #09
10. Haeley #06
11. Lilly #04
12. Lacey #07

Time to vote!!!

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