Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol Top 6

American Idol Top 6

Shania Twain - oh I love her music.

Sorry I missed out on these performances when they were performed live. I was on vacation in

another country, so I'm reviewing this after I've come back.

1. Lee DeWyze, Still the One

It's a great sound. His voice really sounds good with this song, at least after his odd

opening note. I enjoy the interpretation, but the band's balance could have been better.

2. Michael Lynche,

Hmm his voice sounds pretty strained and the vibrato and falsetto still irk me. It's a good

song choice but something about it seemed just ok.

3. Casey James, Don't

It's a good sound for him. He sounds natural with this song. This is one of his best he's


4. Crystal Bowersox,

Not dissing her sound, but the song choice is kinda odd. It's not just a peculiar pick from

the Shania Twain library. First time I'm less than impressed with Crystal.

5. Aaron Kelly, You've got a Way

A couple of odd notes, though the song choice is good here. It's a really good sound for


6. Siobhan Magnus, Any Man of Mine

I like the idea that she's singing this song, but there were a surprising number of pitchy

notes. After the scream, the money note ended good.

1. Lee #01
2. Casey #03
3. Aaron #05
4. Crystal #04
5. Siobhan #06
6. Michael #02

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Idol Top 7

It's Idol Gives back week. We have Alicia Keyes as the mentor.

1. Casey James, Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

This is too easy to be karaoke. It was predictable really, so it's not really showing anything about him special. The judges are tough on him.

2. Lee DeWyze, The Boxer

Oh I love this song, so I hope he doesn't wreck it. Well it's certainly got the Paul Simon sensitivity, but nicely his few changes made it sound fairly current. His wonderful voice was seems showcased this week. He handled it respectably if safely.

3. Tim Urban, Better Days

I like the song, but he didn't seem to have the vocal control that he had last week. He closes his eyes quite a bit lately - perhaps it gives him that sensitivity look? The problem is that he's raising the bar and we're now expecting him to be better than he started.

4. Aaron Kelly, I Believe I Can Fly

His vibrato has lately been getting on my nerves. But he's got a good song by which to work the girls' heartstrings. Hmm, tonight he's got a bit of a KD Lang look. Really nice money note.

5. Siobhan Magnus, When You Believe

She really doesn't want to be wearing Adam Lambert's mantle, and she's doing it pretty predictably. Hmm, risky song to choose. It's hard to sound good with these megastar diva songs. Nothing special to me.

6. Michael Lynche, Hero

This is way too risky I think, especially since David Cook nailed this two years ago. It didn't really do much for me, frankly, but that was a decent money note.

7. Crystal Bowersox, People Get Ready

She's doing it without instruments! Wow, I love her voice so much. Ooh this is one sexy number and it definitely fits the inspirational theme. Go girl, that was a nice high note. Wow, she really broke up at the end there. That was intense!

So here are my rankings

Crystal #7
and then there were the others...
Lee #2
Casey #1
Tim #3
Michael #6
Aaron #4
Siobhan #5

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol Top 8 (Plus 1 Save)

Last week, Michael Lynche was saved, so though we're suppose to have only 8 finalists this week, it's another episode with 9 contestants: 8 plus 1 save.

Adam Lambert is the host! Let's see if he can wake some of these people up. Ooh, especially since it's Elvis night. I suspect there will be a number of odd efforts to over-respect Elvis and basically sound all karaoke.

1. Crystal Bowersox, I Used to Drink

She looks like she's emphasizing the gospel emphasis tonight. My goodness she has such a real, pro-style voice. I can't wait to hear her on the radio on a regular basis. This is a hot sound.

2. Andrew Garcia, Hound Dog

He's really doing this way too relaxed. This is a provocative song of a bad dawg; Andrew sounds like he's wooing a nun. I like his voice but this version just isn't that good.

3. Tim Urban, Falling in Love

Tim's doing acoustic again. Thank goodness, because he sounds so nice with acoustic guitar. Odd phrasing, but it's quite sweet and tender. Wow, that was really very good. I enjoyed it quite a bit and it might have been his best performance.

4. Lee DeWyze, A Little Less Conversation

Mmm, I just love this boy's voice. I really hope he and Crystal do a duet during the summer concert. He just lacks the showman pizzazz that winners of Idol tend to have.

5. Aaron Kelly, Blue Suede Shoes

Pitchy. That's all there is to it. It's an odd song choice to me, too. Oh he's dancing, so that's charming. Well the money note was good.

6. Siobhan Magnus, Suspicious Mind
I think she is most like Adam, so she should go as crazy as possible. She has a lovely sound to me. Oh and she goes for the money note. Nicer in the second half. The body language was sort of so-so but the vocals were good. Not sure why the judges are so tough on her.

7. Michael Lynche, In the Ghetto
Nice sound, but a boring arrangement to me. Not really getting Michael or why everyone loves him so much. It is better when he plays the guitar, that's for sure. One thing's for sure, though. After the save, he'll be safe this week.

8. Katie Stevens, What do you want me to do
She is pumping her up her voice on this one. Not sure I like the look but she's showing some good 'tude tonight. She's showing she has pipes again.

9. Casey James, Loudy Ms Cloudy
Not sure I like this song choice. It's not one of the easy songs to do. There's too much pitchiness and discomfort all around. It's just awkward. I normally like his voice, but this just wasn't his best.

Here's my rankings:

Crystal #1
Lee #4
Tim #3
Siobhan #6
Casey #9
Aaron #5
Michael #7
Alex #2

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

American Idol Top 9

American Idol Top 9
2010 April 6

Beatles night! Oh dear, Paul McCartney shouldn't have close-ups any more. OK, so let's see if these contestants can impress us like in previous seasons. I know I can be picky when it comes to these songs, so I'll try to be forgiving. Really hoping Siobhan has a better week than last week.

1. Aaron Kelley, The Long and Winding Road

Oh this can be to treacly. What a weird number for him to sing, given that he's such a youngster. Is he practicing for his prom? Not happy with the choice and it's a too predictable a performance. Some odd notes, too. Well, a reasonable money note.

2. Katie Stevens, Let It Be

Once again, a kid singing one really old person song. What's up with Katie and Aaron? Katie just hates singing her age. She sounds pretty good, but it's just weird having a kid talk about prom and singing this old geezer song. A better arrangement than Aaron's admittedly, with a good money note and a really nice sound.

3. Andrew Garcia, Can't Buy Me Love

Interesting pop sound. I like his voice but his stage presence is a bit of a problem. I liked the way he twisted it just a little bit. Not sure if I'll download this one, but it isn't boring or karaoke.

4. Michael Lynche, Eleanor Rigby

Ooh, this is one of my favorites, so better be careful. Quirky change-up. Pretty modern sound, with nice dark tones. Not sure still about his voice but I like the interpretation. Sort of in agreement with Simon on this one.

5. Crystal Bowersox, Come Together

Hmm, this is risky. I don't know if it's the most accessible song for America. She's back to being our rocker momma chick. Wow a didgeridoo in a rock song? She's just so authentic rock, with real talent from top to bottom. This should be on the radio.

6. Tim Urban, All My Lovin'

Oh my it starts so slow and corny. He's got that pretty boy look going though. What a simplistic beginning; almost could be done on a uke. Finally starts loosening up. Sort of a campy rendition, so sort of loses some that infectious fun of the original. But it's quite pleasing to the ear.

7. Casey James, Jealous Guy (Lennon)

He really let his hair go all rock star tonight, but he's got a soul and country sound. Wow, he really took this song apart and made it deep. Surprisingly touching. Might be his best performance.

8. Siobhan Magnus, Across the Universe

What a wild outfit and retro hair. For some reason she's going way slow and tender, which is not what I want to hear from her. I like her wilder and Lambert-esque. I'm pretty disappointed again, for the second week.

9. Lee DeeWyze, Hey Jude

OK, so I compare him to Kris's rendition, much less the original. Not a very different rendition but he does have that good smoky sound. What the heck? Bagpipes? Haha, now that I admit is pretty different. What a night! Didgeridos and bagpipes. Fun fun.

So here are my rankings for this week.

Crystal #5
Casey #7
Lee #9
Katie #2
Tim #6
Andrew #3
Michael #4
Aaron #1
Siobhan #8

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