Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Idol - March 30 - Eleven Finalists

Elton John night

01 Scotty McCreery - Country Comforts
Love his sound, though it didn't sound at all Like Elton John. The song itself wasn't one of the best, but he did it well.

02 Naima Adedapo - I'm Still Standing
Did it reggae, with a couple of odd notes. Not sure why she chose to do it this way.

03 Paul - Rocket Man
Didn't do anything for me. Seemed strained and not very melodic

04 Pia Toscano - Don't let the sun go down on me
Somewhat pitchy, started too strong and so couldn't go any higher. Good vibrato

05 Stefano Langone - Tiny Dancer
Good choice, though his vibrato seems unnecessary

06 Lauren Alaina - Candle in the Wind
Nice interpretation, close by enough variations. Great sensitivity.

07 James - Saturday Night
Rocked it out pretty well. Entertaining. Sort of a straight Adam Lambert

08 Thia - Daniel
Nice interpretation but it wasn't exciting or memorable. Hey she said Kuya!

09 Casey Abrahms - Your Song
Hmmm seemed just a little too karaoke to me

10 Jacob Lusk
Huge song and just overwrought to me

11 Haley - Benny and the Jets
I like her interpretation and sound

#1 Scotty
#2 Lauren
#3 Haley
#4 James

#9 Casey
#8 Thia
#2 Naima

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