Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 Feb 29 - Top 12 Girls American Idol

Top 12 Girls

1. Chelsea Sorrell

Country girl with a gun. Singing in a Carrie Underwood fashion. Slightly flat. Score=50

2. Erika Van Pelt

Blond deep alto. Going for that fierce What About Love thing. Nice. Score=70

3. Jen Hirsh

Agoura Hills girl. A couple of off notes but a good smoky sound. Nice money note. Score=65

4. Brielle Von Hugel

Surrounded by the boys. She's doing the Dock by the Bay. Somewhat pitchy and trying too hard to look sultry. Score=45

5. Hallie Day

Has a husband. Sort of a Marilyn Monroe gal. Nice money note. Smokey sound. Score=60

6. Skyler Laine

Another country girl from a tiny town whose family owns the store. Energetic and good sound, with a fine money note. Score=75

7. Bailey

She was not on pitch at all. Score=30


Texas girl Started pitchy but righted itself once she could start belting. Money note wasn't my fave.

9. Haley Johnson

Looks like a valley girl but sang Sweet Dreams in a deep alto. Not a good choice for me. Not at all on pitch on that money. Score=25

10. Shannon Magrane

16 yo girl whose Dad is a former baseball player. Not sure why she's trying to look and sound older. Nice gospel sound but lacks big pipes. Good money note. Score=60

11. Jessica Sanchez

Flipican? Nice sound, good buildup, and a good stage presence. Money note was ok. Score=70.

12. Elise Testone

Smokey sound doing soul. Was somewhat off but had a good tonality. Score=55

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 Feb 28 - Top Guys American Idol

13 Men

1. Reed Grimm

Geek from a family of singers. Not a great song choice for me, but he sounded good. His dancing is sort of Taylor Hicks, which is a touch goofy for me. They liked his song choice, but we didn't recognize it. I thought he was trying to make himself memorable already. Score=60

2. Adam Brock

Looks like a bearded accountant. He has a large black women inside him he said. White Chocolate? It's a nice sound, but fairly safe. Score=55.

3. Deandre Brackensick

Dreadlock Germanic kid. He's going falsetto. It's uneven. He didn't nail his money note. The judges are loving everyone. Score=30.

4. Colton Dixon

Shaggy haired kid whose sister lost out last week. Starts out on the piano and his voice seems reedy. Going for the rocker vote but seems light in the boots for that. Score = 50.

5. Jeremy Rosado

"Care bear" guy who's a bit light in the loafers. I did not like this safe performance. It was uneven to me as well. Score=45

6. Aaron Marcellus

Voice teacher with a retro fedora. His voice is okay but his performance is somewhat forced. Good money note. Score=55

7. Chase Likens

Good-looking Country singing student from Marshall University. Seemed pretty safe. Score=50

8. Creighton

I think he thinks he's on the fabulous side. Ok, he did Cynde Lauper's True Colors with a reasonable sound. Score=55

9. Philip Phillips

Handsome pawn shop guy. Doing Phil Collins with a very bluesy sound. A couple of odd notes but entertaining. Score=65

10. Evan Franckowitz

Young kid from Cincy with a Bieber vibe. Had an off note right at the start. Not a good song choice. He's flat and very tentative. Score=45

11. Heejun Han

Asian guy who's kinda funny. Seemed somewhat tentative but I like the sound of his voice. When he's singing Angel, it's hard for me to separate it from David Cook's awesome rendition. Score=52

12. Joshua Ledet

Southern guy who misses the crawfish. He's got a big gospel sort of voice. Nice money note.

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