Tuesday, May 25, 2010

American Idol Final Competition

Well, another season has come and gone. This time, we are able to say that the show survived the loss of Paula Abdul. In a slightly predictable way, Ellen has shown that she can be nice and supportive, but even more than Paula provided real, constructive information that could help guide the contestants.

And as they introduce the judges, the remind the audience that this is Simon's last week on the show.

Hmm some mixup there. I think Crystal dropped her Mike and the director had her positioned in some odd way. Lee looks shell-shocked, like a deer staring at headlights, but only more panicked.

There are three rounds. The first song will be contestant selected, the second will be producer selected, and final song will be their first released single should they win the competition.

1. Lee Dewyze, The Boxer, #01, #03, #05
Oh I absolutely love his rendition. I've played it on my touch over and over. His voice adds a really sensitive and pained dimension to the song. Oh it's abridged. I've been used to the full song version on iTunes. The judges seem to think it was a bit laid back but I thought he did well.

2. Crystal Bowersox, Me and Bobby McGee #02, #04, #06
This is one of her awesome songs that I also play over and over. Ooh a nice key change and a crowd-encouraging come on. The judges seem to want all sorts of energy and excitement, but I found the excitement to be a tad over the top. But it was still one of her best renditions of the show.

3. Lee Dewyze, Everybody Hurts
The judges will hate this laid back song I'm sure, but he is handling it well. Hmmm not sure about a couple notes there. Nice ending, but this is really a placeholder song to me in comparison to his past weeks.

4. Crystal Bowersox, Black Velvet
OK so that had a real rock sound to it and she really had a wonderful comfort with it. That final note had tinges of Gokeyscream in there, but it wasn't a deal breaker. The judges loved it emphatically.

5. Lee Dewyze, Beautiful Day
He's doing the U2 song with an orchestrated pop sound. He looks all comfortable walking around in his red converse sneakers. The song itself is pretty tame and he's ramped it up some. A couple of odd notes at the beginning (but that has never been an issue in the past for him). He's actually smiling and working the crowd some this time around. Good closing.

6. Crystal Bowersox, Up to the Mountain
She's doing an acoustic guitar sound which makes perfect sense, since this is the first single she'll release if she wins. This is a classic Crystal folk-country sound. Gorgeous sound and totally unique sound. Awesome money note, and probably the best performance of the night. She's practically in tears.

I love both these two. Crystal more at the beginning of the season, Lee more towards the end of the season. But tonight, if I had to say, was Crystal's night.

Now, more Simonloving by everyone.

Interesting, a final song by performer Will Young. Not sure why they're not ending with the contestants, but Idol is Idol.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American Idol Final 4

American Idol Final 4

Jamie Foxx is our guest host, and we're going to be doing movie music.

#1,#5 - Lee DeWyze, Kiss From a Rose

It wasn't his best performance. Surprised that he took a rather simple song and didn't do much with it. Disappointed in him, but he's still one of my favorites to go forward.

#2,#6 - Michael Lynche, Will You Be There

Not exactly a good song for me with Michael. It wasn't something that rang out.

*** Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze in a duet, Falling Slowly

I loved Kris Allen's version, but as a duet, this was really a lovely, well down performance. The chemistry was perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

#3,#7 - Casey James, Mrs Robinson

Oh a Jason Castro moment, what with the uke. This is a nicely delicate rendition, though the sweetness does take off some of the best parts of the social edge, rendering the song rather safe and tame.

#4,#8 - Crystal Bowersox, I'm Alright

That was rather good, thank heavens, because she was somewhat disappointing the last couple weeks. I'm glad she shined and shouldn't be concerned this week.

*** Michael Lynche and Casey James in duet, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman

It's very plain and predictable, without any sizzle. They're basically just singing at the same time, rather than singing a duet.

My rankings:
1. Crystal #4,#8
2. Lee #1,#5
3. Casey #3,#7
4. Michael #2,#6

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Idol Top 5

Harry Connick Jr is the guest mentor on Sinatra night. Surprised that he helped do the arrangements for the contestants.

1. Aaron Kelly, Fly Me to the Moon

It's a decent sound, if a bit boy band. I like the arrangement but Aaron really sounded a bit slim to me on this.

2. Casey James, Blue Skies

Pitchy first notes. Hmm, this isn't very good unfortunately. Maybe it's because he's missing his guitar.

3. Crystal Bowersox, Summer Wind

Crystal changed the start enough that I did't even recognize the song at first. She sounds ok, but the genre isn't really good for her.

4. Michael Lynche, The Way You Look

I love this song, but his phrasing just isn't for me. His breathiness might be what sets me off.

5. Lee DeWyze, That's Life

Wow, I never would have expected him pulling off Sinatra, but he sounds wonderful.b

Lee #05
Crystal #03
Aaron #01
Michael #04
Casey #02

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