Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Idol Top 5

Harry Connick Jr is the guest mentor on Sinatra night. Surprised that he helped do the arrangements for the contestants.

1. Aaron Kelly, Fly Me to the Moon

It's a decent sound, if a bit boy band. I like the arrangement but Aaron really sounded a bit slim to me on this.

2. Casey James, Blue Skies

Pitchy first notes. Hmm, this isn't very good unfortunately. Maybe it's because he's missing his guitar.

3. Crystal Bowersox, Summer Wind

Crystal changed the start enough that I did't even recognize the song at first. She sounds ok, but the genre isn't really good for her.

4. Michael Lynche, The Way You Look

I love this song, but his phrasing just isn't for me. His breathiness might be what sets me off.

5. Lee DeWyze, That's Life

Wow, I never would have expected him pulling off Sinatra, but he sounds wonderful.b

Lee #05
Crystal #03
Aaron #01
Michael #04
Casey #02

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