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American Idol - Vote for the 12 Men - 02/24/2010

American Idol - Vote for the 12 Men - 02/24/2010

Waiting for the show to start. Not sure why they think the women were better this season. I wasn't overly impressed yesterday. I think the men might surprise tonight.

Looks like FOX is having problems keeping their top rated show on. This error screen is both on high def and regular FOX. Sad.

1. Todrick Hall
He's singing something that's a bit more hip hop. Not sure I'm up on the sound. Seems like a slightly nerdy version of the radio singers. The pitchiness is not great for me. Judges for the most part feel he murdered it.

2. Aaron Kelly, 16, from Sonestown, PA
He seems pretty marketable, but I think he's going to be like David Archuleta and susceptible to losing his words. There's some nervous pitchiness in there. He doesn't have enough control of his notes, even though he's got good tonality. Simon is right in saying he needs self-confidence.

3. Jermaine Sellers from Joliet IL
Church singer, whose bio was interrupted by a terrible FOX broadcast of news highlights. He's doing a falsetto start, but breaks out into a contemporary Gospel sound. Interesting, ends with a jazz chord. Some uncomfortable pitchiness in there. Simon's brutal tonight.

4. Tim Urban, 20, of Duncanville TX
He originally was sent home but is a substitute. He's singing "Apologize", he's got a clean-cut but rocking look. I like his voice in general but his falsetto isn't good. Why did he choose a song with so much falsetto?

5. Joe Munoz, 20, from nearby Huntington Park, CA
He's singing a Jason Mraz song. Funny, he looks like my nephew RJ with that scarf. He seems pretty nervous. He seems like a nice person, and his vibrato is a bit much, but it's better than what we've seen earlier so far. Kara agrees.

6. Tyler Grady, 20, of Nazareth PA
He's all about the 70s rocker look and he's gonna do "American Woman", which is just a little too predictable. So far, he's got the most enjoyable performance. Except for when he pushed that high note, he had the low registers under control. Limp ending.

7. Lee Dewyze , 25, Chicago
He's playing the guitar. Finally some energy and with notes that are mostly right on. The song choice was good for his voice. My fave for tonight. Interesting Randy and Kara didn't care for it. Simon agrees with me.

8. John Park, 21, Northbrook, IL
Shania totally loves him - so funny. He's doing a jazz standard "God Bless this Child". Reasonable sound but felt pretty plastic sounding to me. Simon took a butcher knife to him.

9. Michael Lynch, 26, from St Petersburg, FL
He's the one who just had a newborn during Hollywood week. Wow, he's singing a pop song. Not sure if I get this performance at all. Well, that money note wasn't so good for me. Simon was the only one who spoke truth tonight on Michael.

So far -- not a happy night for me. I think that they might be right; the women are stronger than the men this year. Didn't hear anything tonight that wowed me.

10. Alex Lambert, 19, from TX
Slightly flat, but lovely rich tone and he's singing fairly well, hmm, until that falsetto. He's good looking but, hehe, Alex is definitely not a dancer and a nervous wreck. I'd like to see him relax and grow into himself.

11. Casey James, 27, from Fort Worth
He's got some good looks and plays a slow guitar ballad "Heaven". He seems comfortable and has safe sound. Man, it's ok, but it sure makes me think fondly of that wonderful David vs David year, when Cook knocked this one out of the park. It's pretty good but there are some notes that are slightly off.

12. Andrew Garcia, 23, of nearby Moreno Valley CA
Have great hopes for Andrew, since he was the only guy during the city auditions that struck me as impressive. Another guy playing the guitar while singing. He seems to be playing it safe to me with "Straight Up". I like the sound of his voice, but really think he can do better. Simon was disappointed, too.

So, the rankings for tonight for me:

1. Lee Dewyze #07
2. Andrew Garcia, #12
3. Casey James #11
4. Alex Lambert #10
5. Joe Munoz #05
6. Aaron Kelly #02
7. Michael Lynch #09
8. Tyler Grady #06
9. Tim Urban #03
10. John Park #08
11. Jermaine Sellers #04
12. Todrick Hall #01

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Idol - Vote for the 12 Women - 02/23/2010

American Idol - Vote for the 12 Women - 2/23/2010

Oh I love the voting part of this show. I'm so glad we get to do voting like it used to be. Last year's voting in the semi-finals seemed so weird. This seems much more rational.

Here are our judges: Ellen, Randy, Kara and Simon.

1. Paige Miles, 24, from Naples Florida
I'm liking that last performance before the final selection. Here's her song. She sure likes to clap with her arms above her head. "All Right Now". She's energetic and she has a sexy deep voice. Nice riff there. Gospel money note sounded good and controlled. The judges think the song choice was a problem, but I thought it was fine. Oh, she did not say "pee" on tv.

2. Ashley Rodriguez, 22, from Chelsea, MA
Sang a breathy and deep song. She looks pretty. This is not a good song but it seems a little boring and wispy. You can tell she has a nice voice, but it's not one that really suits her. Kara thinks that she shouldn't choose a diva song because it didn't make her stand out.

3. Janell Wheeler, 24, from Orlando
She had a good Hollywood audition, so hoping she sounds that good tonight. "What About Love" from Heart. She's sounding sort of flat, but she's got that Kelly Pickler thing going on. Seemed either nervous or the song wasn't a good match. Randy is going on about the song choice.

4. Lilly Scott, 20, from Littleton, CO
She's gonna do "Fixin a Hole" from the Beatles? I don't get it. She sounds wispy at first. She looks like Uncle Fester with a wig. She's trying to turn the song on its side, but to a Beatlemaniac like me, it's just kinda musak and dull. Not a good song choice to me, but Ellen likes the choice. Evidently they like her for her odd voice and choice. My they love her. Not in agreement here.

5. Katelyn Epperly, 19, from West Des Moines, IA
She has a pretty marketable look and persona. She's doing "Oh Darling" from the Beatles with a country twang but dressed like Madonna 1980s. She's got a good pleading voice and I like her controlled ending. Good money note. They like her in general.

6. Haeley Vaughn, 16, from Denver
She's got such a bubbly personality and she's doing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand". Sort of screaming the first line. This is another odd rendition. Almost a uke sound to the arrangement. She's got a nice high voice, but this arrangement takes too many risks for me because she's not right on key during those times. She sounds best when she stays in control but it wasn't quite right.

7. Lacey Brown, 24, from Amarillo, TX
She got cut last year at the last minute, but this year has magenta hair. Must be a site at her church! She's doing "Landslide" and starts off well. Hmm, she has a good voice, but she's starting to wander around. I wonder what she'd sound like with a livelier sound. Nice money note. Yeah, she's not looking popular at the moment.

8. Michelle Delamor, 24, from Miami
She's a corporate singer and children's choir leader. She's got a bubbly personality, too. Singing a very sultry song. Sort of slow and predictable, but hits a good money note. She's a pro. Kara didn't like her performance, but everyone else thought she did ok.

9. Didi Benami, 23, from Knoxville, TN
She had a totally different look in Hollywood, where she had a great sound singing "Terrified". Singing "The Way I Am" tonight. She's singing a quirky, folk sound. She's looking comfortable, but she's can't own the stage with this song. Her money note went slightly flat.

10. Siobhan Magnus, 19, from Cape Cod
She's singing Chris Isaac with a super low voice. She's got a pretty look, sings with nice control. Not an obviously good song to choose, but it somehow works. She carried the haunting feel very well. She seems to like singing guy songs.

11. Crystal Bowersox, 24, from Ohio
Singing "Hand in My Pocket". She's got a wonderful sound, and she's a real musician. Not a particularly original sound, but it's very melodic. Dang, she's doing the harmonica along with the guitar. She's a risk taker, alright. She still controlled her breathing well enough to sound fab.

12. Katie Stevens, 17, from Middlebury CT
Doing Michael Buble's "Feelin Good". Wow, she has such a grown-up voice. Dang, she eats up the screen. Her voice when amped up is pretty good, though the lower notes are less pretty, slight sharp mostly. Nice money note. Interesting, Ellen and Simon thought she sang a song that was too old for her.

Overall, Ellen Degeneres had good opinions. I liked that she was willing to disagree and say her mind, but in a constructive manner.

So far, my rankings are

1. Crystal #11
2. Paige #01
3. Katelyn #05
4. Siobhan #10
5. Katie #12
6. Ashley #02
7. Michele #08
8. Janell #03
9. Didi #09
10. Haeley #06
11. Lilly #04
12. Lacey #07

Time to vote!!!

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