Friday, August 1, 2008

Jersey Boys - Vegas-style

Now that's the way to start a show. I have to say, I never really knew the Four Seasons and all I really knew about Frankie Valli was that he was the Teen Angel on Grease.

But starting with the French Rap version of Oh What A Night really resonated. I recognized the tune, found the new interpretation wonderfully refreshing, and made the point that the music was timeless and still works today.

And the music really did work well throughout the play. Unfortunately for me, though, I found the book to be somewhat weak. After all, the story was basically read to us, as the lyrics of these old songs did little to move the story forward. It felt like a profane bedtime story, one with mafia-style lessons.

Erich Bergen as Bob Gaudio
Rick Faugno as Frankie Valli
Jeff Leibow as Nick Massi
Jeremy Kushnier as Tommy DeVito

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