Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol Top 6

American Idol Top 6

Shania Twain - oh I love her music.

Sorry I missed out on these performances when they were performed live. I was on vacation in

another country, so I'm reviewing this after I've come back.

1. Lee DeWyze, Still the One

It's a great sound. His voice really sounds good with this song, at least after his odd

opening note. I enjoy the interpretation, but the band's balance could have been better.

2. Michael Lynche,

Hmm his voice sounds pretty strained and the vibrato and falsetto still irk me. It's a good

song choice but something about it seemed just ok.

3. Casey James, Don't

It's a good sound for him. He sounds natural with this song. This is one of his best he's


4. Crystal Bowersox,

Not dissing her sound, but the song choice is kinda odd. It's not just a peculiar pick from

the Shania Twain library. First time I'm less than impressed with Crystal.

5. Aaron Kelly, You've got a Way

A couple of odd notes, though the song choice is good here. It's a really good sound for


6. Siobhan Magnus, Any Man of Mine

I like the idea that she's singing this song, but there were a surprising number of pitchy

notes. After the scream, the money note ended good.

1. Lee #01
2. Casey #03
3. Aaron #05
4. Crystal #04
5. Siobhan #06
6. Michael #02

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