Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Idol Top 7

It's Idol Gives back week. We have Alicia Keyes as the mentor.

1. Casey James, Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

This is too easy to be karaoke. It was predictable really, so it's not really showing anything about him special. The judges are tough on him.

2. Lee DeWyze, The Boxer

Oh I love this song, so I hope he doesn't wreck it. Well it's certainly got the Paul Simon sensitivity, but nicely his few changes made it sound fairly current. His wonderful voice was seems showcased this week. He handled it respectably if safely.

3. Tim Urban, Better Days

I like the song, but he didn't seem to have the vocal control that he had last week. He closes his eyes quite a bit lately - perhaps it gives him that sensitivity look? The problem is that he's raising the bar and we're now expecting him to be better than he started.

4. Aaron Kelly, I Believe I Can Fly

His vibrato has lately been getting on my nerves. But he's got a good song by which to work the girls' heartstrings. Hmm, tonight he's got a bit of a KD Lang look. Really nice money note.

5. Siobhan Magnus, When You Believe

She really doesn't want to be wearing Adam Lambert's mantle, and she's doing it pretty predictably. Hmm, risky song to choose. It's hard to sound good with these megastar diva songs. Nothing special to me.

6. Michael Lynche, Hero

This is way too risky I think, especially since David Cook nailed this two years ago. It didn't really do much for me, frankly, but that was a decent money note.

7. Crystal Bowersox, People Get Ready

She's doing it without instruments! Wow, I love her voice so much. Ooh this is one sexy number and it definitely fits the inspirational theme. Go girl, that was a nice high note. Wow, she really broke up at the end there. That was intense!

So here are my rankings

Crystal #7
and then there were the others...
Lee #2
Casey #1
Tim #3
Michael #6
Aaron #4
Siobhan #5

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