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American Idol - Top 12 - March 26, 2009

1. Michael Lynche

Wow, what a bluesy start to Miss You. Shifts to a sexy R&B number. Some pitchiness, but it's entertaining, albeit with some odd dancing. Still not a fan of his falsetto, but everything else works.

2. Didi Benami

Playing with Fire. Starts out pretty boring to me without a hint of where she's going. Hint of a ramp up in power. She's grabbing the stage, though there are a couple odd notes.

3. Casey James

It's All Over Now. Power country sound, thank heavens. Maybe it's me but he's looking more feminine with each episode - what's up with that? Sort of a lesser-than expected money note. Good bluesy sound.

4. Lacey Brown

Ruby Tuesday. Odd arrangement. It's a little bit of a wispy start. Hmm, normally I like her but this isn't working for me. She looks good. Not happy with that money note.

5. Andrew Garcia

Gimme Shelter. It's a good song choice. He's letting his smoky voice take charge and he's showing that he does have some stage presence. Surprised he showed up without the guitar. Nice money note. I didn't agree with Randy that he was flat.

6. Katie Stevens

She's singing Wild Horses that comes across as a ballad. I don't ever recall a RS ballad. Katie is a sweet thing with a lush grown-up voice with few pitch problems. I like her, but am betting that rather than taking the youth vote, she's going to take the middle age vote.

7. Tim Urban

Here's cougar-bait Tim doing Under My Thumb. Odd reggae version made his voice sound reedy. He knows how to work the camera though. Smooth voice is his standard. Hmm, did he forget the words? Not a big wow for me, unfortunately.

8. Siobhan Magnus

Painted Black. Dramatic staging, almost Adam Lambert-esque. Sultry start. Interesting, having a hard time ramping up the energy to this power song. Maybe because it started out so low. Hmmm, the money note was screechy to me. Takes it all back with a quiet ending. Very Adam Lambert - totally love the entertaining show.

9. Lee DeWyze

He's doing Beast of Burden? Ooh, took it apart into a lovely acoustic sound. Sort of what Kris Allen did much last year. I really love his voice. He could be more engaging on the stage. I think the judges were rough on him. I don't think he wasn't that boring.

10. Paige Miles

Honky Tonk Woman. Country sound? I think it's a bit low and too vibrato for me. She's got stage presence though. When she soars, she sounds much better. Wow, she had laryngitis this week? Then she did well with that considered.

11. Aaron Kelly

Angie. Here's the teen girl vote getter. He's starting with a boy-band look. I like that leather shirt. This is a good song for him. He'll get the youth vote with that one. This worked very well for me.

12. Crystal Bowersox

You Can't Always Get What You Want. Oh good, she's got the guitar. Nice country take with a some good riffs. I like the power ramp up. She really is seeming relaxed on stage. I just love her.

* Here's my ranking *
Siobhan #08
Crystal #12
Aaron #11
Michael #01
Lee #09
Casey #03
Didi #02
Andrew #05
Katie #06
Tim #07
Lacey #04
Paige #10

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