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American Idol Top 11

American Idol Top 11
Top Billboard Hits

OK, so last week we lost Lacey. Interestingly, the bottom three on the show were my bottom three. Wonder if I'll be on target again this week.

The mentor is Miley Cyrus? I guess age isn't the issue, since she's sold millions.

1. Lee DeWyze, The Letter

Well he's got a pretty hip look. I really like the quality of his voice. Still has a deer in the headlights look about him. Only one odd note to me, but the rest was great. Simon didn't like the song choice, but I think he overcame any limitations of the song.

2. Paige Miles, Against All Odds

With this song, I am expecting pitch problems. Yup, here they are. Not a good start. Why is she starting so breathy? She's ramping up, but it's not good. Ouch! And a very wispy ending. The judges are destroying her; Ellen did a Paula Abdul: "You look great. Next"

3. Tim Urban, Crazy Thing Called Love

I like his voice in this song, but it's an odd choice to me. Maybe he's trying to secure that cougar vote. He just slid across the stage. It was almost a Jagger crotch in the camera moment. He avoided the falsetto (smartly). The judges weren't very impressed, but to me it's because of the song choice.

4. Aaron Kelly, I Don't Want to Miss A Thing

Oh no, he's got tonsillitis. I think it's more like he's hitting puberty. How cute, he has a crush on Miley. Mmm, he doesn't sound like he's toughing it very much. Silky voice; more sensitive and a slightly country compared to David Cook's rendition. Not bad all things considered.

5. Crystal Bowersox, Me and Bobbie McGee

She made a change up and was told by Miley to showcase her higher notes. Mmm, she's got a such a commercial voice. I like her upgraded look these past few weeks. Got more interesting as the song went on. I love it love it love it - she's so good!

6. Michael Lynche, When a Man Loves a Woman

It's a nice sound, but for the most part, to me, it was pretty safe and predictable. He does have a good stage presence though.

7. Andrew Garcia, Heard It Through the Grapevine

Really an odd song choice. Certainly had more interesting than any predictable derivative sound. He's definitely more mobile when he loses his guitar. Ouch, the judges are skewering him. Not sure why they're so rough on him because they're the ones screwing up his head.

8. Katie Stevens, Big Girls Don't Cry

Hey she finally did a youthful song. The sound works for her. She still sounds a lot older than her age, but she I hope realizes that she can do more young songs. More pitchy than usual though.

9. Casey James, Power of Love

Interesting choice of songs - the song's a couple decades old and pretty dated to me. He's just standing there like a wet noodle. He should be doing some strutting around. Heck, his backup musicians are more mobile. Kinda safe all around, as he never went for some risky notes. Thank you Simon. He's the only one who saw what I saw.

10. Didi Benami, You're No Good

She's got that attitude thing working again this week. I didn't care for it as much as the judges last week, but admittedly her voice is kinda fun (though pitchy) this week to me. Oddly, the judges didn't care for it this time.

11. Siobhan Magnus, Superstition

Siobhan is so odd looking but I really have grown to love her voice. OMG look at this look! She's a hot mama from the 80s all of a sudden! She's got such an easy stage presence. Night and day from some of the others. Her velvent voice had some pitchy notes. Hmm somewhat screechy money note. I like her performance overall though.

* My Rankings *
Crystal #5
Lee #1
Aaron #4
Siobhan #11
Michael #6
Katie #8
Casey #9
Andrew #7
Tim #3
Didi #10
Paige #2

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