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American Idol - Vote for the 10 Men - 03/2/2010

American Idol - Vote for the 10 Men - 03/2/2010

Wow, big change. Crystal Bowersox evidently is at the hospital and cannot perform tonight. So, because of that, the men are performing tonight instead of the women.

One thing is striking me about the men so far... "Where's the star quality?" The reason I was bummed by them last week I think was that they lacked some of the confidence that top men have had in the past.

1. Michael Lynche
Impressive muscles on him in the pre-song interview: he was doing bicep curls with Aaron Kelly. He's singing "This is a Man's World" and he's clearly trying to own the stage. A little theatrical but he's got good chops. For the title of the song, he's doing a Diva turn and he's making it work. Judges are drooling.

2. John Park
John learned English in 10th grade. It's sort of a slow John Mayer tune, but sung with a lot more passion and resonance than his performance last week. He sold his money note there. Judges seemed to think he was better than last week but still seemed to undersell himself.

3. Casey James
He grew up without tv - that's his interesting story? Oh interesting, he's playing a hard rock number on his guitar. He's kinda doing a Constantine with his looks and rock motif. Wondering if the cougars will enjoy watching this performance. Some of his vocals aren't as strong as they've been in the past. I agree with Ellen: he's a touch stiff. Kara said he's going backwards.

4. Alex Lambert
As a kid, made up his own language, which makes sense because he's such a nervous wreck. He's singing "Everybody knows" with his guitar. He's much more comfortable than last week. He needs to let his natural boyish charm get into his music. I like his voice, which is quite pleasant. Interesting, went for the falsetto money note. Randy likes his package.

5. Todrick Hall
Started out as a danger in live theatre. He's doing Tina Turner? His voice crackles and has some pitchiness. At least the melody is discernable this week. Hmm I did not enjoy that money note. Randy liked it though. The judges seem to be trying to get him to do something different.

6. Jermaine Sellers
Not sure I get the "onesy" outfit that he's pushing in the pre-song interview. He's doing Marvin Gaye's "What's going on". I like the song but there's definite pitch problems for me. It got better as it went on.

7. Andrew Garcia
He's also a break dancer. Tonight he won't be playing his guitar. Gonna do a ballad - this kid has a voice that's so smooth and clean. I'm not happy about the song choice but he's sounds much better than last week. A couple of odd notes there for me. Boy he must have set the bar high because they keep referencing his performance of a Paula Abdul song.

8. Aaron Kelly
He's also an amateur photographer. He's doing "My Girl". Oh yeah, he looks much more relaxed this week. He's a ton of vibrato in his voice. I like his twists on the tune, similar in some ways to what David Archuleta used to do. Oh hmm not a strong finish to me.

9. Tim Urban
Comes from a big family. He's playing the guitar this week. Looks reasonable attractive and carries himself better this week. His voice is much more on track this week. Nice long note. Still some strength missing in his voice. Ellen said he might be better as an actor. Simon hits it: he's much better this week than last.

10. Lee Dewyze
Sounds like he had a roughneck youth, as he made many "wrong decisions" apparently. Gonna sing Lips of Angels without a guitar. I love the sound of his voice, which is commercial and very Cookish. Couple odd notes, but good to watch and hear.

My rankings:

Michael #01
Lee #10
Alex #04
Andrew #07
Andrew #08
Casey #03
Tim #09
John #02
Jermaine #06
Todrick #05

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