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American Idol - Vote for the 8 Men - 03/10/2010

American Idol - Vote for the 8 Men - 03/10/2010

1. Lee DeWyze
It's a nice good sound, though somewhat lacking in perkiness. I like his sound alot. There were some odd notes, but it wasn't overly distracting. It was clever and rockish.

2. Alex Lambert
Singing Trouble. He's got a really interesting tenor voice and he's doing a more country sound than I think he's done before. He's drawling all over the place, and it's kinda guy-sultry. I like the song choice, but it wasn't the most energetic.

3. Tim Urban
Doing Hallelujah, which I absolutely adore, so I'm nervous. Hmmm, so far it's kinda karaoke following the song a bit strictly. Ooh, so she changed it up some. It's quivering, but I like it because it fits. I like his performance look - he's marketable. Cougars must be liking this guy.

4. Andrew Garcia
Singing Genie in a Bottle. He's really taking the song apart. It's the oddest song to do, but it's fresh and enjoyable to me. Somewhat gimmicky to do, but I like what he's done to it. Ooh, nice ending!

5. Casey James
Interesting, he's doing Keith Urban. Mmmm, he's got a wonderful chocolate-sauce baritone voice tonight. I like I like.

6. Aaron Kelly
Oh no I don't like the starting vibrato. Is it nerves? OK, so he calmed down. Nice sound if vaguely pitchy and nervous. Most upbeat song tonight so far.

7. Todrick Hall
Doing Queen's Somebody to Love. The Falsetto is soooo wrong, flat and a weak reflection of the original. Ouch. I'm not happy here. Looking for my mute button. What are these judges smoking? They loved it? Egads.

8. Michael Lynche
Wow, he starts of with a serious falsetto. Hmm, he's going serious soul on this. It's good but not crazy about the arrangement or the falsetto. Not an off note though and with lots of power.

Here's the order!

1. Alex
2. Tim
3. Michael
4. Lee
5. Andrew
6. Casey
7. Aaron
8. Todrick

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