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American Idol - Vote for the 8 Women - 03/9/2010

American Idol - Vote for the 8 Women - 03/9/2010

Gonna rush through it tonight because I think it's only one hour.

1. Katie Stevens

No. Pitchy. Gotta stop now. Well, maybe it's good she kept going because it eventually got better. This song choice did nothing for me because it's not distinctive. She just sings like she's too old for herself. The judges keep saying she hasn't found herself yet. I disagree. She knows what it is, but unfortunately, it's not a good match with her age.

2. Siobhan Magnus

Sings House of the Rising Sun. I really like her luscious long notes. That was a sexy arrangement. The judges seem to agree. Well, not Simon - he was bored.

3. Lacie Brown

Sort of a quirky sound to this song. Some country vibrato, which I didn't expect. She's really indulging in those falsettos. Admittedly, they're on key. Surprised she sounds pretty good to me, in comparison to past weeks.

4. Katelyn Epperly

She's singing I feel the earth move but man, for me the earth didn't move. What a weird song choice. It didn't impress at all and she didn't seem like she was trying.

5. Didi Benami

Another boring song. What's up with all this slowness? Isn't anyone interested in pumping us up? She sounds good, but I'm not particularly jazzed. Unlike previous seasons, I hardly agree with Simon this year.

6. Paige Miles

Singing the absolutely depressing Smile. Is she nervous? She sounds horrible uncomfortable and wispy. The key change sounded like a mistake.

7. Crystal Bowersox

She definitely upgraded her looks. Interesting, she started slow but worked up to a much more powerful performance, the most energetic one of the evening. To me, she's the most distinctively and consistently enjoyable performer this season. I'm a fan.

8. Lille Scott

Patsy Cline? Really? I Fall To Pieces... I am soooo not as smitten with her as the judges because this made no sense to me. It just doesn't make sense. And she was pitchy too. Well she she changed it up at the end, but still was a weird song for me.

So here's my list

Crystal #07
Siobhan #02
Lacie #03
Katie #01
Lillie #08
Didi #05
Katelyn #04
Paige #06

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