Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American Idol 2010-03-30 Top 10

Watching this contest from the East Coast for a change, so all you West Coast folks, you may want to close your browser til you had a chance to watch the show.

Oh nice, it's Soul / R&B tonight. Usher is the mentor for this show. Ought to be a more unpredictable contest, that's for sure.

1. Siobhan Magnus

Singing a Chakha Khan number. Some pitchiness, especially in the higher registers, surprisingly to me. Not her best performance; perhaps it's the song choice. Even her Lambert yell wasn't up to her normal levels. Well, the final money note was better.

2. Casey James, Hold On I'm Comin

This is a good song choice for him. It really allows him to use that bluesy sound in his voice. Hmm, did he forget the words? Good sound and energy. Surprised that the girls weren't impressed.

3. Michael Lynche, Here Is Love

Such a slow safe song. Thankfully, he's opting for vibrato over his normal falsetto. It sounded good, but it was pretty dull and not exactly challenging. My they really love Michael's performance.

4. Didi Benami, What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted

Good look, though there were a more than a few pitch issues. It was pretty darn dull until the final money note, which itself wasn't so hot. Judges seem bored to tears.

5. Tim Urban, Sweet Love

Usher asked Tim to sing the love song to him... Interesting! The mike was underpowered at the start of the song. Tim's got his puppy eyes working the cameras. Much better and more sincere than last week. Not a powerful voice, but at least usually on pitch. Nails the money note.

6. Andrew Garcia, Forever

Tore the song down and rebuilt it really to a nice place. Seems a bit disconnected from us with his eyes closed. I like the sound, and I'm excited that he finally sounded good again for the first time in ages.

7. Katie Stevens, Chain of Fools

I like her voice, but why does she try to look like she's 20 years older than she really is? The sound is good except for the odd pitchy notes. OK money note.

8. Lee Dewyze, Treat Her Like a Lady

Good grief, he's performing with walking pneumonia? Oh wow, this is an exciting performance. So soulful and he really has a that David Cook sexy sound. If the boy just had a little more charisma.

9. Crystal Bowersox, Midnight Train to Georgia

Wow, what a different look for her. This is a smoking version. Girl! You go! I don't even know what to say because it was perfect.

10. Aaron Kelly, Ain't No Sunshine

Now, I thought Kris tore this one apart last year, so I'll be pretty picky. It was pretty good after a while, but the vibrato was not quite right. He certainly must be getting that teen girl votes.

OK - starting to see what my finals will be if I had my choice: Crystal vs Lee. Got my wish the last couple years, so wondering if they'll be able to continue wowing.

Crystal Bowersox #09
Lee Dewyze #08
Casey James #02
Andrew Garcia #06
Aaron Kelly #10
Michael Lynche #03
Tim Urban #05
Katie Stevens #07
Siobhan Magnus #01
Didi Benami #04

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