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American Idol - Vote for the 10 Women - 03/3/2010

American Idol - Vote for the 10 Women - 03/3/2010

1. Crystal Bowersox
She's a twin, she's recovered from last night's stay at the hospital, and she's pretty sentimental. She's going to do Credence tonight with just one instrument, the guitar. Ooh, pulling out the gospel stops. Man, I like her voice. She's got great money notes and wow a wonderful humming ending. Wow they're gushing, thank heavens. She's the most talented person this year to me.

2. Haeley Vaughn
Her secret is that she's bubbly? She'll be singing Miley's Climb. She's got a real a good sound, but wondering how copycat it might sound. Not sure it's a good song choice at all. It's not pitch perfect, and largely dull and listless. Too bad.

3. Lacey Brown
Her hobby is antiquing and refurbishing. She's doing Kiss Me. Still has some pitch problems. But definitely better than last week's disaster but could be better. The judges seem rough with her, but they're largely right on. She needs to step it up because she's not showing any star quality.

4. Katie Stevens
She can say "give me a kiss in 6 languages"... Okay... She's doing "Put your records on" tonight. I like the sound of her voice and she's pretty. Katie grabbed a youthful song on the advice of the judges, but umm she made it sound old fashioned. The falsetto was pushed and there were some pitchy notes, but she's got luscious low notes. Judges don't like her older sound.

5. Didi Benami
She was a middle school mascot before she became a cheerleader. She's doing "Lean on Me" and she's much more comfortable in her higher registers. Not sure that was a good song choice. Hmm the judges seem to agree. This isn't as bad as they make it sound.

6. Michelle Delamor
She's a kid's choir director at church. She's doing "With Arms Wide Open", and she's definitely giving us unchurchy stares. She's doing a diva turn on this song. It's voice doesn't sound strong or deep enough to do a diva. Even that money sounds short-changed. I'm glad they didn't crucify her because she wasn't as bad as they made it sound.

7. Lilly Scott
She's a musician. She's doing Sam Cooke with her guitar. I like this much more than last week, because I can actually recognize the tune. Her voice is surprisingly delicate given her tough look. Not sure about some of the ways she handles low notes. She handles her scales well.

8. Katelyn Epperly
Had been studying to be a sound engineer. She'll be playing the piano. Ouch flat on the 4th note. She has a nice sound and she's pretty. It's a pretty good song for her to come on strong. Nice money note.

9. Paige Miles
She's into coloring with markers. Hmm... She's doing a Kelly Clarkson song, which I think is always risky because the judges adore her. Some pitchiness tonight, so it's not as good as last week for me.

10. Siobhan Magnus
She had a mohawk. She's doing Aretha's Think. Oh, she's got a lovely voice and pretty low register but that falsetto wasn't great. I like her look and she's definitely entertaining and relaxed out there. Mmm, awesome money note.

Here are my rankings:

Crystal #01
Lilly #07
Siobhan #10
Katelyn #08
Paige #09
Didi #05
Katie #04
Michelle #06
Lacey #03
Haeley #02

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