Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kris Allen wins American Idol 2009 Season 8

Post-partem and post-competition analysis

I really enjoyed Kris Allen and Adam Lambert competition this year. In my eyes, these were the two who entertained me most thoroughly throughout the season.

Adam was my David Archuleta for this season. Last year, the manvoice coming out of the boybody of David Archuleta was such a surprise and joy that you just had to assume he'd be in the finals, if not the winner. This year, Adam had a rockvoice coming out of a glambody and you also had to assume that his vocal gymnastics would land him a win.

Kris was my David Cook for this season. Last year, each subsequent week had me shed my initial impression that Cookie was a mass murderer punk. Week after week, he grew to me to be a gifted vocalist with a clever and fine ear to popular taste. Kris's almost non-existent coverage (except for the "white chocolate" quartet during group rounds) didn't even allow us to register him on our radar, except as that cute twink. But like Cookie, he showed week after week to have an interesting and savvy ear for popular taste.

And like last year, I ended up voting for the creative person who grew on me. It's an odd thing to select someone who may show star quality right away. First impressions truly are very important. But the reason I preferred last year's method of selecting the final 12 to this year's method was that we grew familiar and fond of certain performers. It was a way to bond with them, to like them.

The best part of these 4 hombres is that they appear humble yet confident. That's not just a sure vote getter, but it's also encouraging that nice people can do well in entertainment.

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