Monday, June 15, 2009

Tony Awards

What is it about the Tony Awards that just gets me all excited. Not sure. Certainly it had its ups and downs. Angela may own Broadway, but 3 young lads are the talk of the town... Well, so is a certain American Idol (Constantine Margoulis) who was nominated this year.

And I thought Neil Patrick Harris was a delightfully entertaining and restrained host.

No, I think it's the annual expose to those of us in the sticks (if Pasadena and Los Angeles can be thought of that way, then I'm sure the fine folks of Manhattan would be fine with it) to the wonders of Broadway. New shows (sometimes). New stars (perhaps). And most importantly, an emphasis on the real-time, the immediate, the unrecorded masterpiece that is live theatre.

I love in Tinseltown and everywhere you look they're filming something. TV crews love the leafy and hilly looks of Altadena (where I live). I can't tell you how often I've seen film crews at my rather photogenic church.

But recorded media is manipulative. You have time to correct errors, remove blemishes, obscure reality, tint anything. That's essential to its charm of course, but when I see the dancing and the drama during the Tonys, it reinforces in me my passion for live music, drama, expository, and performance.

And hey, as though to make it more impressive, the final number had Doogie, I mean, Neil Patrick Harris singing about the memorable events and winners of the night. The verses may have been written largely ahead of time, but the assembly into a finished number had to occur during that evening.

Now THAT'S live theatre at its best

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