Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Final 3 - American Idol - 2009 May 12

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7:43 Getting ready for the show. Trying to follow the micro-blogging format for the moment. Not sure if it'll work, but hey, I'm in a hotel room and so there's not much else to do.

7:44 So many new ways of trying out the blogging. I had a post-results blog last week.

7:50 And this micro-blogging is very different from my past blogs. Check out last week's format, one that I've used for the past couple years.

7:52 Start already!

8:00 These are your top three - three unsmiling statues. stern and stoic.

8:02 Here come the guys, and this time they're allowed to smile

8:03 Paula picks Danny Gokey's song: "Dance Little Sister" by Terrance Trend d'Arby

8:04 Oh he's starting it pretty upbeat. And sort of loud and breathy. Why is he so mad at his little sister? He's sort of commanding her to dance. Hmm, I miss Cookie and Archie's dancing last year.

8:06 It was alright in energy I guess, but not particularly fun to watch. Kara said something I agree with: It wasn't something that we'd remember.

8:07 So Paula sips the Danny juice?

8:08 Boy the judges get alot of airtime! Danny's fanbase will vote at 866-IDOLS-01, 866-IDOLS-04 and 866-IDOLS-07.

8:10 Finally a commercial. Isn't it amazing how much time is wasted? I don't understand why we get only two songs from each singer instead of 3 like years past. What happened to Clive? Did he kick the bucket?

8:14 Kara and Randy picked something for Kris - why does he have a blue fingernail? He's supposed to sing "Apologize" by New Republic.

8:15 Kris is singing this straight and not big. I like it this way, though I think David Archuleta's take last year had a catchier arrangement.

8:16 Hmmm what's with that falsetto? Oh good he's staying away from it. I like Kris's folksy sound. Oh dear, if he's going to play the piano (with closeups of his playing), please wash those hands!

8:17 Randy liked it. Kara thought it just competent. Paula pointed out a bum note. Simon bashed not Kris but the judges

8:20 Kris is 866-IDOLS-02, 866-IDOLS-05 and 866-IDOLS-08. Poor guy didn't have a chance to talk before the commercial.

8:25 Simon will have Adam sing "One" by U2 and he's name-dropping Ambassador Bono's name.

8:26 He started it out in an amazingly slow and unacted manner. I really like it when he does this. It's so tender and sweet when he's simple and plain.

8:27 Out comes the high notes. I liked the tender part more. He returned to the simple part after the very short loud part. They showed his boyfriend there for a moment and then focused on his proud papa.

8:28 A love fest for Adam. They really just want to hand him the gosh darn tiara now. Last year, they sort of wanted to do the same for Archie but David Cook's fans disagreed.

8:31 Wow 3 minutes of loving blather before the commercial! Adam is 866-IDOLS-03, 866-IDOLS-06 and 866-IDOLS-09.

8:35 Idol gives back overview... Carrie Underwood does the report.

8:39 And now back to commercials... So, we miss out on an extra song from each singer, we miss out on the homecoming coverage, and we instead get something that they could have shared with us in weeks past? What a rip off! I thought this was a singing competition!

8:43 Danny Gokey gets to talk about himself. Of course, he's going to do "You are so beautiful" by Joe Cocker.

8:44 He's starting it soft and simple, which is quite a surprise for him. I don't think he's ever sung like this before. Though his phrasing is similar.

8:45 He just broke out into his loud section. He ended it rather simply, which for him is a good thing.

8:46 Ok, so everybody just oozed on him.

8:49 Kris is singing "Heartless" by Tanye West... Interesting

8:50 Ooh, acoustic guitar solo. NICE. Wow, he's all out there on his own. Very hot. I love that he did this thing so true to himself. This was awesome - I'll totally love downloading this one.

8:51 Randy loved it more than the original! Kara called it fearless. Paula had a muted response. Simon loved it.

8:58 Adam will be doing "Crying" from Aerosmith. Oh, this is gonna be a loud one. There he goes, he's scaling it up and down all 17 octaves in his range. Hmm, it's really too much in some ways because he was just trying to show off his stuff, like a diva flexing her breasts.

9:01 Everyone's sucking up, including Simon.

9:02 No matter how he polarizes the audience, I do like the way Adam always compliments everyone he can. It's so nice. Nobody else on the show has done that to his extent.

How did I like the six songs? Here they are in my order
1. Kris #2
2. Adam #1
3. Adam #2
4. Danny #2
5. Kris #2
6. Danny #1

Voting for Kris and Adam... See ya again real soon!

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