Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ain't Misbehavin - and Ain't Bad

I think back to my review of Jersey Boys and how, though I thoroughly enjoyed the music and acting, found the book to be weak. Well Ain't Misbehavin' doesn't even bother with a story.

It's really a musical revue, with a well-selected array of Fats Waller music to enjoy. The singing and posturing (there wasn't a story so it's tough to call it acting) were well done, though I have to say that it might be time to consider new actors. We watched basically the same cast as most audiences of the past 25 years. Lovely voices, great performances, but somewhat oddly out of place when the songs were supposed to be performed by younger adults.

Nonetheless, some numbers were appreciably enjoyable. Honeysuckle Rose was a joy, as was the amusing You're Feet's Too Big.

Eugene Barry-Hill
Doug Eskew
Aermelia McQueen
Roz Ryan
Debra Walton

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