Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bye Bye Allison! Recapping American Idol Final 4

I knew it was going to be a tough week. These were my four favorites as the Finals round developed. I'm sort of the mindset that I'd be happy with any one of these four going on and winning. More importantly, as the Daughtry, Aiken, Hudson, et al examples show, losing isn't exactly that bad either.

First off, Ryan mentioned repeatedly that the order in which they were making announced Top 3 finalists were not in any numeric sequence. That means: they wanted to milk the drama. The longer we stay tuned, the more commercials we watch and the greater the odds that American persistently remains the top show in the country.

So what's with all the news articles and blogs that announce "Shocker, Kris saved"? Was he that bad? I don't think so. I believe that Adam was the only one whose song choice was perfect for him for Rock night. All three remaining were susceptible to voter disinterest after a poorer song choices.

I do know were song choice influenced me. Danny's choice of a song where he could to scream makes some sense, since he does like to belt it out. But his best performance of the finals so far has been during Rat Pack week, where he was original and restrained that scream of his. And of all songs to scream to, why on earth would he pick one that was so fraught with peril during a live performance? That's moxy, yes, but not exactly good strategy.

I'm really disappointed that Allison will be going home. I am certain that she'll be on the radio. How can you keep that preternaturally mature (for a 17yo) voice down? It's like last year's David Archuleta. A man voice in a boy body - it's just too good to keep quiet. But Allison's good fortune is that she knows what she excels in, tailors songs to her sound, and has the maturity to know that her sound may or may not be for everyone.

And, awww, she held herself together pretty well and didn't cry alot. Not bad for a 17yo.

So I'm in quandry. Who do I want to see in the finals?

I love Adam's voice, mostly when it's restrained. I enjoy his glam rock singing, but I've never been a fan of glam rock performances. I love Freddie Mercury's singing and am a huge Queen fan, but I bet I'd have alot of raised eyebrow action going on if I attended one of their concerts. Most of Adam's numbers come off too strong for me, so it's best if I just listen to him on iTunes. Or watch him take over Broadway.

I love Kris's interpretations and quirky folk rock sound. I bet he can do well fronting a band with a similar sound. For the most part, I'm assuming that it will lean country. Most of the songs I've downloaded from iTunes this season have been Kris's and Allison's. He's a good listen and I would enjoy seeing his honest humility in the top 2.

Danny's voice I've always liked. But he's lost the key a few times too many for me and played it unremarkably safe. It's a shame really, since he voice has alot of potential to come out swinging. He'd make a fine solo artist. What unnerves me, though, is his similarity to Taylor Hicks. Taylor had a great soul sound. Taylor looked silly dancing. Taylor had a peculiar look. Taylor looked like he was older than everyone else. Taylor remained conservative with his sound. Sound familiar? Now, Taylor won American Idol, so the ingredients in and of themselves aren't bad. But he hasn't exactly been a commercial success.

So who to pick? I can't decide until I hear them. Based on my downloads, I may want to see Adam and Kris. No matter how it turns out next week, though, I'm sure I'll be happy because this has been a really enjoyable final group of 4.

And you?
a) What was your impression of Allison's good bye?
b) Who do you want to see in the Final Two?
c) What will be the most surprising thing we'll see next week?

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