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Final 4 - American Idol 2009 May 5

Woohoo - American Idol is on Cinco de Mayo... So, I'm combining Cinco de Mayo with Idol... Taking a tequila shot whenever we hear Randy's "da bomb", feel Simon's wrath, smell Kara's pits, or ogle Paula's well, you know....

So it's Rock night. This will clearly favor Adam and Allison. I saw a blog that referred to these two as "Adison", so I'll stick with that nickname. Adison should rock out tonight. Kranny (Kris and Danny) will be ermmmm less likely to do well, IMHO.

So we have Slash from Guns N Roses here to deliver sage counsel to these kids. Interesting. Wondering if his neurons will be misfiring like Keith Richards... Hmm, so far he's understandable.

5701 or 1866-idols05 Adam Lambert
Whole Lot of Love Led Zep
Of course Adam would do this song, which is on everyone's favorite rock list. Adam wants to kill this week and I bet he's going to. He looks like Robert Plant meets Queen. Dang. I have to start with a score of 50? This will be a weird range of scores tonight then. He's not working on the improv notes like he typically does. OK, I get it. It gives alot more power to his voice if he holds back. Scoring starts at 50. He killed. He's definitely a rock star.

So far, no tequila shots. Kara is wearing a jacket and Paula's hiding her cleavage.

5702 or 1866-idols06 Allison Iraheta
Cry Baby - Janis Joplin
Aww Poor Allison. She has to follow that great performance. Slash repeated Simon in his critique and said that Allison needs to be less fearful. Hmm surprised she's doing this number. Starts slow and quiet and then unfurls that voice. Her hair is toned down this week. Look at those pants! I like her performance but I'm hearing a couple of uncertain notes. I wish she chose a better song for herself. She sang it well though. Score 35. Finally, she's getting spunky and not just smiling and taking it.

Hmmm I'm taking a shot anyway - Simon's been all nice and Randy's not used the word bomb. What's up with tonight?

Kris Allen and Danny Gokey - Renegade - Styx
I love Styx, but these guys look ummm angry. Kris is wearing some serious leather tonight. Danny looks like he's just come in from a job interview. They're not even working with each other. Ooh, finally, nice harmonies. This song really showcases Danny more than Kris.

Paula cleavage sighting. Tequila shot.

Ooh, Kris did not look happy. Maybe it's because his pants are too tight. I suspect it's because Danny had the better parts in that duet.

5703 or 1866-idols07 Kris Allen
Come Together - Beatles
He's doing Come Together? Oh Kris... not sure about this. Not sure his voice is strong enough. Beatlemaniacs like me know... Slash didn't seem too impressed either. Oh I dunno. Kris isn't stoned enough to do this number. He's too cleancut to say these high lyrics. It's an ok performance so far. Not really the type of kick butt performance that got me to favor him the past few weeks, but he's got a good interpretation on it. Ooh, Simon didn't like it - it was too safe. (Tequila shot) Score 30.

5704 or 1866-idols08 Danny Gokey
Dream On - Aerosmith
Oh he cannot be doing this song. The final scream should have deterred him. So far a nice starting sound but I'm hearing some off notes. He does the chorus part ok so far. He changed outfits. Now he's dressed like he's conducting a job interview. Oh no the falsetto is coming. OOOOOOO NO. Danny. Danny. Someone killed Danny. Someone killed my eardrums. What on earth was that? Score 15. Song choice is everything sometimes, and murderous final notes is indeed bad. Huh, he didn't think it was bad? Ummm....

Thanks Simon. (Tequila shot)

Wow, what an interesting night so far. I think it's turning out as everyone expected. Adam and Allison are rocking out and Kris and Danny are struggling.

Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert - Slow Ride - Foghat
I love this song. They're singing together and it's a balanced number by equals. And in contrast to the two guys, these two look like they're having fun!

Ooh, who did Danny piss off. While replaying the phone numbers, they replayed that awful scream by Danny. Poor thing.

OK that wraps it up... I love all these 4 singers so it's a tough choice. I think they went in the order they sang tonight.

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