Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol Finalists Selected! Simon Predicts Big Ding Dong Next Week

9:00 And this... is one of the dumbest beginnings to an American Idols show ever

9:01 OK, at least it didn't have Seacrest trying to be all melodramatic. So not really that bad

9:02 Show starts with 88 million votes registered. I have no idea how many I turned in.

9:03 Ford commercial

9:04 OK, so without a doubt, it's no wonder America's automotive companies are failing. These are the absolutely worst commercials ever. If it weren't for the opportunity for eye candy, you wonder why they even bother

9:05 Keyes is giving a very important message about African children suffering from HIV. Text ALIVE to 90999 and you'll donate $5 to help their plight.

9:06 A kid named to Noah is singing a song in English that he learned just this week. Interesting sound. A cross between modern American rhythms and African harmonies and phrasing.

9:09 It's a long song. He's breaking it down now, whatever that means.

9:10 We're up to the commercial and it's gonna be a long night.

9:13 We watch Danny's homecoming

9:19 We get teased because Danny is not told about his results

9:20 Now Kris

9:21 Free cheese dip? Scary...

9:24 Nice homecoming

9:25 commercial

9:30 Jordan Sparks is doing her new song. Girl looks good.

9:31 Nice refrain "Why does love always feel like a battlefield"

9:33 Aww, she still has some pipes... And gams...

9:37 Now Adam's hometown visit

9:38 I don't want to see the streaker

9:41 Nice to see the theater place he went to as a kid to see the children

9:42 Huh, he went to a good high school... Well, except for the streaker

9:42 Adam Lambert visited a Marine base? Interesting... Why do streakers love showing up at schools?

9:44 Commercial

9:48 Katy Perry will perform. Interesting, Adam and Kris looked relaxed and Danny's stressed. Oh Danny admits to being stressed about the wait. That's what he gets for never being in the bottom 3.

9:49 Um, what is she wearing?

9:52 Not exactly a memorable song. The outfit was far more memorable.

9:56 Finally Here it is

9:56 And the first finalist is: Kris Allen!!!! Look at the look of surprise on all the judges faces! Sorry folks, you don't know everything! Take that! Good job Kris!

9:57 And he faces Adam Lambert!!!

9:58 It's my matchup that I've been expecting (I wanted Allison vs Kris but was realistic because America didn't like Allison).

9:59 We get to say goodbye to Danny and his good, predictable, unsurprising singing.

9:59 Danny sings goodbye to everyone, as time runs out. And, of course, he sings his slow, predictable, oddly phrased lament. Admittedly, it's tough to hit those falsettos when you're choked up.

10:00 I have to say, I hope he finally gets to grieve for his wife. He never really had enough time to grieve for her when the audition happened. I mean, come on people, it takes a while to get over that sort of thing. And now that the crass commercialization of her death is over, he can actually feel his lamentations.

10:02 Simon didn't expect tonight. Ummm he said this could be a real big ding dong... Ummm

10:03 Ummm

10:04 Ummm

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