Wednesday, May 16, 2012

American Idol - Review of the Rehearsal for the Top 3- 2012 May 16

I scored invitations to the rehearsal at CBS Studios this afternoon. It started about 12pm, though we had to line up starting 11am near the Grove here in Los Angeles.

It's been a while since I took the time to watch a tv show getting taped as an audience member. It's been longer since I've been in rehearsals for such a tv show. To be honest, it was somewhat tedious. But it was exciting to get to watch the Final 3 of American Idol rehearse.

First, before the performances, we got to meet Ryan Seacrest. He's actually a seemingly nice and smart guy. In fact, there was one point where he made a suggestion to change his lines so they were more interesting and vibrant. Clever and helpful! He was chatting with Nigel Lythgoe, the American Idol producer, who sat in the middle judge seat the entire time.

Two of the judges were there for most of the rehearsal: Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler. They were clearly interested in watching the performances. What struck me as particularly impressive, however, was their willingness to go out of the way to chat up the kids who came to the rehearsal. I really enjoyed how Steven Tyler talked at length to a young girl in a wheel chair and then went up and got an autograph from Phillip Phillips for her. Classy!

When Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet, and Jessica Sanchez came out, they first filmed them standing sternly. I never noticed that when they start the show, the camera swirls around the contestants in outfits that they aren't wearing that day. It's the costumes from the previous week. That's because they filmed the final three in groups of two, in case Phillip and Joshua were the final two, or Phillip and Jessica, or Joshua and Jessica. Amusingly, Phillip and Joshua were playfully elbowing each other and trying to not giggle as they were being filmed. It just reminds you that these contestants are just kids, none of whom is allowed to have a drink at the bar after the show.

Now the performances. Oops. No, I won't ruin your enjoyment. Let's just say I can't imagine who America will pick, because they were all so very good.

So... I'll leave that review for the actual show. See you in a few hours!

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