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American Idol Recap and Review - Top 5 - 2012 May 2

Steven Van Zandt is the mentor. The dynamic between him and Jimmy is sort of funny - almost as though they're just trying to say opposite things.

Round 1 - 60s music

1. Hollie Cavanagh - "River Deep Mountain High"

Her low notes and bridges still are suspicious but she has a nice tone when she belts. Looks good tonight and sounds very in charge.

2. Phillip Phillips - "The Letter"

He sings it with that typical Phillip nerd rock sound. It's a solid sound, but he does maim the original melody. His face needs a laxative before getting on the show.

3. Skylar Laine - "Fortunate Son"

The mentors did a good job redirecting her song choice. This is a much better tune for her sound. Her dancing is spastic, but her sound is great. She might be rising to be my favorite.

Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet - "You've Lost that Loving Feelin"

This is creepy and antiseptic, especially for such a sensual song. At least Joshua's working the song better, especially the falsettos.

4. Jessica Sanchez - "Proud Mary"

She's handling the song with lots of great verve, and she definitely has a big voice. But the song itself might be too Tina for her to take it on.

5. Joshua Ledet - "Ain't Too Proud to Beg"

He really seems like a throwback from the 60s. It's amazing how natural he is in the R&B scene.

Results Round 1 - Top to Bottom

Hollie continues to rise and impress. She's totally doing a Syesha Mercado on me, where she looked risky all season long but gets better and better. Syesha ended up third in the famous David vs David year (Archuleta vs Archuleta), so she did pretty darn well.

Round 2 - British songs

1. Hollie - "Keep Bleeding"

That was lovely. Normally, I think she sounds best when she belts, but there she really sounded great without the overpowering sound. She's peeking at the right time.

2. Phillip - "It's the Time of the Season"

The sound is hot, but he's flat and when he goes falsetto it's scary.

Hollie, Jessica, and Skylar - "You Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher"

That was ok. It wasn't powerful enough, but the vocals were fine.

3. Skylar - "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me"

What a nice transition from a ballad to a powerful money note. That was really very good.

4. Jessica - "You Are So Beautiful"

Nice money note. A sweet, restrained and surprisingly delicate sound during most of the song. That was excellent.

5. Joshua - "Love Somebody"

Wow - that was tremendous. He smacked that song silly.

Result of Round 2 - Top to Bottom

Well, this seems to be the results of today's contest. I don't want to say bye bye to Phillip yet, but he keeps performing songs that just aren't vote getters and that last number was painful.

Jessica and Hollie

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