Friday, May 18, 2012

American Idol Finals 2012 - Preview of Jessica vs Phillip

Last week, it was the final three that many, including me, had predicted from the beginning of the season. I'm pretty sure that if you look at my posts, Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez, and Phillip Phillips were near the top of most every show.

But in the end, typical voting patterns had to be bumped up against the performances. And Phillip was clearly the strong choice of the strongest voting block, the teenage girl, and every year they have one or two heart throb choices. He edged out Colton Dixon this year for that vote.

That left Jessica and Joshua. I'm still amazed that Jessica was voted off, but not at all surprised that she was saved. Her showing in the finals confirms that the judges saw America taking her vote for granted. They clearly did not want a Jennifer Hudson repeat, which is why the "save" came about in the first place.

Joshua has been consistently strong all season. In fact, he has been more consistent that Jessica and Phillip. But that doesn't necessarily translate to votes. His powerful singing style is reminiscent of older singers, but I thought that would translate to fewer youth votes.

I'm undoubtedly very happy that Jessica and Phillip are in the finals, as they have been my sentimental favorites throughout this season. I can't say I favor one or the other. The Filipinos will come out strong for Jessica and the Southern vote will come out strong for Phillip. In some ways, I wouldn't mind seeing a girl win, as it's been a while.

Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson should be commended for their excellent stewardship of these contestants. This batch of finalists, with a wonderful May of competitions, probably ranks as one of the best.

Can't wait for the finals!

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