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American Idol Final 3 Review and Recap - May16, 2012 - Who will go home?

After watching today's rehearsal to tonight's show, I was afraid I'd find this show less interesting, but I suspect it will be insightful and an enjoyable retreat.

It's fun to see the stage and audience of rehearsal in comparison to a packed auditorium, with all the musicians and backup singers in their costumes.

 Round 1 - The judges give the performers the songs they're supposed to sing.

1. Joshua Ledet - I'd Rather Be Blind (Etta James) - Introduced by Randy Jackson

This is nicely saucy and he works the mike and falsettos with grace and ease. He's got natural showmanship, I loved the way he did that finger move above his lip. He's wonderfully emotional and man that final scat is just ridiculous for a guy this young.

2. Jessica Sanchez - My All (Mariah Carey) - Introduced by Jennifer Lopez

JLo selected this song so that Jessica can be tender and emotional. She's technically very good, but there's a coldness there. Or maybe because she's so young that she couldn't connect to emotional level. But she didn't pick the song; the judges did. So I have to give her credit for doing it as well as she did.

3. Phillip Phillips - Begging (Madcon) - Introduced by Steven Tyler

This song really works for his style. He's really working the girls in the audience. I love the way he went into that quiet acoustic moment where he didn't have the band behind him. That was a nicely entertaining  musical spin on the number. This could have been a real concert.

 Round 1 Ranking 
 Round 2  - Contestants pick their own numbers

1. Joshua - Imagine (John Lennon)

He's pretty much the contestant who most connects to the song emotionally. Clearly that upbringing in the church allows him to work the audience as though he were in a pulpit or choir loft. I really liked he held back from his normal way of revving it up. Interestingly, he changed out of his awful jacket that he wore at rehearsal this morning and wore a black tux.

2.  Jessica - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (Aerosmith)

Always tough to hear this song without thinking of David Cook's wonderful version. But this rendition is marvelous. She actually seems to get the emotional parts of the words, which she sometimes lacks. The turquoise jewelry is bigger than her torso! Ooh, that final money note is incredible.

3.  Phillip - Disease (Matchbox20)

I really liked the way he took this song apart and made it more funky, jazzy, smoky. He really seems so much more at home holding the guitar. So interesting the way he shirks the money money note Jessica yearns for. Like my statement last week, when left to his own devices, he chooses pretty safe stuff for himself.

 Round 2 Ranking 

 Round 3  - Jimmy picks their numbers

1. Joshua - No More Drama (Mary J Blige)

Perfect song choice for him. He's moving around a lot, but his vocal style for this is quite strong and emotionally gripping.

2.  Jessica - I'll Be There (Jackson 5)

Not a thrilling song choice for me, but she seemed to handle it very well. I think that at this part of the competition, every little over the top flourish can add a few votes. Given how close this competition is, and that she had been saved a month ago, this might not have been enough. But it sounded good.

3.  Phillip - We've Got Tonight (Bob Seger)

Well, look at that, he's singing the original melody! Man, this was a really good song choice for him. He really connected with it and made it so sweet and sexy. It was so passionate that Steven Tyler couldn't keep from getting bleeped.
 Round 3 Ranking 


So what was my cumulative result?

 Final Ranking 

THIS IS TOUGH! I like them all. But it's still a competition and every little bit counts. I'll be happy no matter who continues to next week. Who did you think will go on next week?

Want to see my review of the rehearsal? Or maybe you want to review last week's show?

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