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American Idol Finale Review and Recap - May 23, 2012 - Who is your American Idol?

Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez are young singers who pretty much have nothing, and I mean nothing, musically in common. They differ in height, gender, coast, wardrobe, hairiness, and musical choices.

1. Jessica Sanchez - Don't Walk Away from Me (Whitney Houston)

Whitney is a good choice for her. It's almost weird to think that a Whitney song is considered safe, but for her big voice, it really is. Surprisingly, she didn't pull out all the stops on this one. She held back. You could hear some nervousness, but she seemed to get past it pretty well.

2. Phillip Phillips - Stand By Me (Ben E King)

He changed it up again. Slight nervousness like Jessica. But his prop of the guitar really helps calm him down. I liked the change up, but it didn't highlight his musicality as much as it did Jessica.

Round 1 - Jessica

1. Jessica- The Prayer (Yolanda Adams)

She's going for ballads tonight. I love her sound, but as someone who grew up in a Filipino home, her song choices are almost predictable for girls with singing aspirations on the karaoke machine. Nice money note. Still very restrained, somewhat dull outside of the money note. Lovely falsetto - great range for a 16 year old.

2. Phillip - Moving Out (Billy Joel)

He toned this song way down. I'm surprised because he needs to amp up the excitement factor to win the votes. I like the sound, as this one is much better and more confident than the first number. Hmm that was an abrupt ending.

Round 2 - Jessica

1. Jessica - Change Nothing (Pedro Costa)

Not exactly expecting to say this, but Jessica actually had a few flat notes in this number. I'm shocked. How did she go through most of the season spot on and then come out flat in her last number? I think she should have really powered this one up.

2. Phillip - Home

Clever sound. Almost retro in many respects. He didn't go for his normal kickaround sound like he's done all season tonight. This might put some of his regular fans off, but the people out there might really enjoy it. I liked it because he actually sounded pretty sincere vocally.

Round 3 - Phillip

OH NICE - Scott McCreary is singing the final song to end the night. He's really felt comfortable in his sound all year long. I'm happy that's he's doing well and selling albums.

So, who will win? It's tough to say. Phillip has been the season-long favorite. I thought he was struggling tonight until that final song. Tomorrow's finale episode goes 2 hours 17 minutes long, so we'll have to just wait and see!

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