Wednesday, May 9, 2012

American Idol Final Four Review and Recap - May 9, 2012

The Theme for tonight is Songs that Personally Inspire

01.  Phillip Phillips - Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Standard Phillip song. Sounded fine but was really too predictable for him. I wish he did something that showed his range better than this piece.

02. Hollie Cavanagh - Faithfully

Really good song choice. Lots of money notes for her to work. Still the pitchiest of the remaining contestants but America doesn't seem to care.

03. Joshua Ledet - You Lift Me Up

He builds up so carefully and so impressively. He brings it all to such a marvelous conclusion. Joshua has a very professional sound and I can imagine him selling lots of albums.

04. Jessica Sanchez - Steal Away

She's got a a totally revved up sound compared to Eta's version. And it shows how much power she's got in that tiny body. It's not the catchiest rendition to do, but it givers her a great chance for an amazing money note and closing

Phillip and Joshua duet - She Said Goodbye Too Many Times Before

This song definitely works for both of them, with a slight edge to Phillip. Neither boys are imparting enough angst-ridden sensuality though. They do the ramp up very well, but I wish they'd harmonize and work their voices together more. On the whole, though, much better than last week's duet.

Hollie and Jessica duet - Eternal Flame

Hmm, not a really fair song considering what the men just had to sing together. Oh Oh. Hollie is way off key to start. Yikes in the second verse, Jessica hit a weird low note. And Hollie still wandering vocally.  Not happy with this number at all for either of them.

Foursome - I've Been Waiting 

This was a really odd arrangement for the group to sing. It totally did not work.

Part 2 - The next songs are numbers that the singers wished that they wrote.

1. Phillip - Volcano

This is so sincere and authentic. It's surprisingly moody and touching. Maybe I like it because he's not grimacing excessively and twitching his leg. This might be the best performance he's done all season long. It totally sounds unplugged.

2. Hollie - You Can't Make Me Love You

It wasn't really the right song for her. She had no opportunity to shine. I think the songs that have kept her alive far longer than she should have lasted all had one thing in common: powerful money notes. She didn't have a chance to show off.

3. Joshua  - This is a Man's World

Wow. I mean, wow. That is so compelling. I can't believe how much soulfulness he can drive with that voice of his. This should be a hit single by itself. Seriously good howls and I love the way he varies his verbalisms. Simply amazing.

4. Jessica - And I'm Telling You

She jazzes it up big time. I love the idea that she was powering it up with the threat a few weeks ago that she was going home prematurely. Dang, and she's acting it out as well. Is she actually tearing up? It's even more amazing that she's not a huge buxom gospel singer. That money note! Outstanding!

Ranking for this Part

1. Joshua
2. Jessica
3. Phillip
4. Hollie

I cannot even decide. I feel sorry for America in picking a winner here. I do know that given what I've seen, I'd like to see Joshua, Jessica and Phillip next week.

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