Wednesday, April 4, 2012

American Idol Top 8 - Review 2012 April 4

Top 8 - Music of the 80s

1. DeAndre Brackensick

Somewhat tepid falsetto tonight to me. The scales are nice, and he looks very casual, but it's not very assertive. Why are they so into him?

2. Elise Testone

She's very polished. The slower parts were weaker, pretty flat, but her finale was very good.

Duet : Colton and Skylar
Fairly predictable Islands in the Stream. They don't really have good chemistry, but Skylar's voice matches this piece especially.

3. Philip Phillips

He's got his sound on with Genesis, but there are a couple flat notes. The weird faces and ticks are getting creepy.

Duet: DeAndre and Hollie
What is she wearing? Her voice fits the song pretty well.

4. Joshua Ledet

It's a good song choice for him, but I am starting to get biased because I think he overdoes it. Had no idea he was that young.

5. Jessica Sanchez

Like Joshua, she can over do it, but in this song she holds back nicely. Nice money notes. She's so young and sounds so good.

Duet: Philip and Elise
They really don't sing with each other, other than via harmony. Big question: Who was actually raspier? Nice sound.

6. Hollie Cavanaugh

She sounds better than last week. Well check that. Started to go off pitch bad. Better money note.

Duet: Joshue and Jessica
Quite a good sound to it. Looked good together

7. Colton Dixon

Good song choice. That was a pretty good interpretation and only had a couple weird notes.

8. Skylar Laine

Excellent. Best of the night.

Joshua Colton


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