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American Idol Top 7 (again) - Review 2012 April 18

Top 7 - Second Chance - Songs of the past decade and Soul Train songs

Going to be a really tough show I think.

1. Hollie Cavanagh

Adele is big and this song fits her voice. First time throughout this competition where I thought she sounded good.

2. Colton Dixon

Lady Gaga? Really? Nice try on the rock sound, but he's not as butch as she is so it's not really working for me. Really weird faces today. Some bad low notes.

3. Elise Testone

Wow, this is so low. Her performance is always nice and slick, but it's not a wow song. It was a solid performance though.

4. Philip Phillips

Like Elise, this song isn't memorable. But he did it quite well with tremendous restraint, sex appeal and great vocals.

5. Jessica Sanchez

Love the stage. This is a really good performance, though not as sensual as it could be. This girl has some amazing vocal control at her age.

6. Skylar Laine

Skylar does Gaga with a twang? Hmm, not sure about this version. The performance is good though. Nice money note.

7. Joshua Ledet

Love his vocals. It's really good for his voice and he seems to feel at ease singing this.

Ranking from Top to Bottom for Song 1 Jessica Hollie Joshua Philip Elise Skylar Colton

Soul Train

1. Hollie

Good song choice. Not as good as her first song, because her flat notes came back. Good money note.

2. Colton

Love the stage but this performance did not do much to impress me. There were a couple flat notes. The interpretation was nice.

3. Elise

Her voice is quite competent but there's a detachment there that makes it seem less exciting. She needs a better song.

4. Philip

That was a wonderful song choice, rendition and vocal for him

5. Jessica

For a song about Tenderness, she pounded it into the ground. I mean, she sounded great but she's always so much on steroids. She's a lot stronger than the last couple weeks.

6. Skylar

She's got natural entertainer skills. I liked this one more than the first one.

7. Joshua

His vocals are quite strong. I can see him selling records if he can keep the stress of homesickness at bay.

Ranking from Top to Bottom for Song 1 Joshua

So what's the final ranking for the night? This is tough. I'll arrange them as follows.

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