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American Idol Top 7 - Review 2012 April 11

Top 7 Review

Here we go. We now get to the part of the show where it gets a lot more difficult. The top contestants are pretty much all that's left. We've lost some of the early obvious ones who were not going to win.

There's really only Hollie left who has been consistently close to getting voted off. But that doesn't always suggest bad luck. Syesha was in the bottom a couple times and she ended up with at number 3 and a nice career.

And the theme: Anything from 2010 on...

1. Skylar Laine

She's doing Pickler? The notes were quite good. She carries the country sound really well, and actually sounded better than Pickler on this song.

2. Colton Dixon

He's singing like a colorful emo kid. He's got lots of falsettos in this piece, and he's pretty much on pitch. He did pretty well.

Duet - Philip Phillips and Elise Testone

I love this song and the arrangement worked, but I think their two voices didn't blend together so hot.

3. Jessica Sanchez

She introduced us to her Filipino family and then grows seductively into her big vocals. She's got some pipes.

4. Joshua Ledet

Pretty energetic performance. The looks and vocals were quite good.

Duet - Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon

They do sing well together. They're look like they're enjoying it, too.

5. Hollie Cavanaugh

Powered up, but sort of pitchy.

6. Philip Phillips

It was a nice sound again, but his facial ticks are now starting to get on my nerve.

Trio - Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez, and Hollie Cavanaugh

It's way too low for all three of them. It sounds creepy

7. Elise Testone

Gaga song - sounded really good for her voice.

My Rankings, top to bottom:








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