Saturday, April 14, 2012

Billy Elliot at the Pantages Theater 2012 April 13

First let me start with a simple comment : Billy Elliot is my favorite musical for the decade 2000-2009.

Given that, it's tough to capture some of the vitality and political power from the London productions. This is my fourth time catching this show (2 in London and 1 on Broadway).

I was disappointed that the giant dancing dresses were reduced to human sized mannequins. It totally reduced the fantasy element of the Michael and Billy's number. And, just like my disappointment with the Broadway version, the lack of a real elevator at the end of the play reduced some of the impact of the final song.

The dancing, though, was phenomenal as always. The performers were quite impressive for a road show all around.

If there was a significant disappointment, it was in Billy's voice. I'll decline to say which Billy we had, but he may have just recently gone through puberty and his voice seemed less than adept.

On the whole, we were satisfied with the production.

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