Friday, April 13, 2012

American Idol - Top 7 - Reviewing "Saving Jessica Sanchez"

FOX must be trying to rev up the ratings. Or maybe Facebook and Google aren't doing enough to promote American Idol this year.

Because this can't be right. Seriously, It's Jennifer Hudson / Chris Daughtry all over again.

Thank goodness for "The Save". Jessica Sanchez, young and still growing (literally) in front of our eyes, just cannot go this early.

As a reminder, here were my rankings from the other night, top to bottom.
Skylar Laine
Elise Testone
Joshua Ledet
Jessica Sanchez
Philip Phillips
Colton Dixon
Hollie Cavanaugh

It's exactly as American Idol presented.

Except the wrong threesome appeared in the bottom 3!

What on earth is going on here? It's the first time this year that I've totally batted out on my prediction. 

Anyway, it sounds like I'll have to spend a couple hours every Wednesday night once more making sure that I vote. I vote for things I care about (local, state, federal elections, American Idol season 7 and 8) and when I think there's an injustice (Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry). I was pretty shocked that weak in weak out week in week out Hollie would be going home finally, but this just seemed wildly off.

Just my two cents. We'll see what happens next week!

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