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American Idol - Top 9 - March 7 2012 - Recap and Review

Top 9 - American Idol
Stevie Nicks is the guest mentor

1. Colton Dixon

Too slow and boring start. He's trying to build up a ton of intensity, but the song isn't helping. One flat note. Not his best. Not getting why the judges are loving him so much.

2. Skyler Laine

She really has the country sound down. She's almost Carrie in her performance style and sound. Excellent

Trio of Colton, Philip, and Elise - Doing Fleetwood Mac
Colton sounds good here. Elise has the look but her dancing is too bouncy. Philip is a touch flat as he impersonates Joe Cocker (I think he feels awkward without a guitar).

3. Heejun Han

Adam Pascal look out because Heejun has your sound down. Surprisingly touching and sensitive. Impressive to say the least.

4. Hollie Cavanaugh

Although the sound of her voice is pleasant enough, it wasn't enough. The flat notes aside, she did better on the lower notes and sounded weaker on the big notes.

5. DeAndre Brackensick

The whole song is done in a strong falsetto, which may sell albums and get on the radio. I usually don't think do well with Idol voters, though.

6. Jessica Sanchez

The vibrato is now starting to get on my nerves. But her sound is quite strong even for a song that is potentially underpowered. Made me think of Celine Dion. Star quality through and through.

Trio Heejun, DeAndre and Joshua - Doing Michael Jackson
Joshua and Heejun seem good for this style but surprisingly DeAndre doesn't sound as at home until he got to do falsetto. TAs a group, there is no feeling of cohesion like the earlier trio, especially when it comes to ugh that dancing.

7. Philip Phillips

Man I love the sound of his voice and his rock sound. I feel like we're already watching his actual concert.

8. Joshua Ledet

Another emotional performance for the night. He sounded better tonight than on previous nights.

Trio of Skyler, Hollie and Jessica doing Madonna
Hollie still sounds weaker than the others to me. Skyler doing pop is surprisingly pitchy and awkward.

9. Elise Testone

Zep? Really? Wow, she pulled it off. Not sure she America wants to see Zep on Idol, but that was a fun, sexy performance. Even the screams worked, and well.

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