Wednesday, March 21, 2012

American Idol - Top 10 - March 21 2012 - Recap and Review

American Idol - Top 10 - Billy Joel Night

P Diddy was funny and Tommy Hilfiger was weird.

1. DeAndre

Only the Good Die Young. His voice was ok. Too light in the loafers. And the dancing wasn't exactly impressive.

2. Erika

New York State of Mind. She looks like Adam Lambert with her new hair. Vibrato doesn't match the song, to me.

3. Joshua

She's Got a Way of Talking. Sounds nervous, until he went into his Gospel sound. But I wasn't enjoying the Gospel interpretation.

4. Skyler

Shameless. Another number that was pushed which made it offkey. What is going on tonight?

5. Elise

Vienna. It's the first song tonight where she wasn't trying to overdo the song. Sounds good.

6. Phillip

Moving Out. An interesting take. Almost didn't recognize the melody, but I liked the sound. Vocals were much better than last week.

7. Holle

Honesty. She's always belting out. It doesn't offer enough of a build up. She has some pitch issues here.

8. Heejun

My Life. Now that was a funny albeit unconventional way to start off his song. He's really starting to enjoy the entertaining part. His voice though wasn't at his best. Oh nice change up towards the end.

9. Jessica

Everybody Has a Dream. She has a killer voice. That's all. Best vocal so far tonight.

10. Colton

Piano Man. Great stage. He's really into this song and it shows.



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