Tuesday, March 3, 2009

American Idol Semi-Finalists Group 3

Final group. March 3, 2009. Still hating the new format. No mincing words there. Hope they revert to the old format. Can we vote on that?

1. Von Smith. Marvin Gaye's You're All I Need to Get By
Cute boy singing on the low side but has a nice falsetto slipping in. Surprised he did a "pop" veneer on this song. Kinda worked. Younger kids I don't think will realize it's an older song. Reasonably good money notes. Theatrical but sounds not too shoty to me. Score is 60.

2. Taylor Vaifauna sings "If I Ain't Got You"
Just ok really. Seems like it was too low a register for me. This was a safe song but it didn't show strength of voice or anything. No way to remember this. No real money note or falsetto. She's 17? Score is 50.

3. Alex Wagner-Trugman does "I Guess Why They Call It the Blues"
This is a scary karaoke piece. He growls and tries way too hard to look hot. Is he constipated? Oh dear he knocked over the mike stand. Sort of a cheesy arrangement too. Aww he's gonna cry. Poor big-footed guy... Score is 40.

4. Arianna Asfar does Abba "The Winner Takes It All".
She's 17 and doing Abba? Not a good idea to me. Oh dear, she's doing it like a torch song. This is frighteningly flat. Who told her to sing those falsetto vibratos? Creepy and uneven and flat. Score 20.

5. Ju'not Joyner sings "Hey There Delilah"
Sort of a nervous quietness but mostly in tune compared to the last couple singers. Sang it slower than the original. Gets better as he opens it up. Good money note and passing falsetto. Score 65

6. Kristen McNamara sings "Give Me One Reason" by Tracy Chapman
A Karaoke host? Surprised by her voice because she has such a Barbie look and sound to her. Weird arrangement but a she has nice vocals. Not a good money note. She's 23? Score 50.

7. Nathaniel Marshall, drama queen, belts out "I Would Do Anything for Love"
He looks like an 1980s aerobics instructor. Let's Get Physical. But Meatloaf? Not sure about this. He sounds better if I don't watch the screen. But his voice is rather plain. Score 40.

8. Felicia Barton does "No One"
Sort of a Cher look. A couple of odd notes here and there but mostly good. Nice money note. Surprised at how she sounded. Score 60.

9. Scott McIntyre (the "blind guy") does "Mandolin Rain"
I want to like him because he sounded good up til tonight. Some pitchy notes. Nice tone. Got better as it went onwards. Crowd seems to love him. Score 65.

10. Kendall Beard sings "This One's for the Girls"
Smart to do country. Hmmm sort of flat and not a great falsetto. Better in the lower registers and with big voice. I want to like her but I'm not enjoying the flat sound. Score is 45.

11. Jorge Nunez sings out "Don't Let the Sun Go Down"
Nice tone to his voice. Good soaring notes. His expressions seem a touch much. He looks like he wants to eat that last chocolate in the box and won't let you grab it. Best vocals tonight for sure. Score is 70. All this accent stuff is patronizing.

12. Lil Rounds "To Be Without You"
She's another one of my pre-competition faves. It's a very good vocal and performance but not a good song for me. She sounds good but wish she sang something else. Score 68.

So, for me:

Men: Jorge
Women: Lil Rounds
Wild Card... Scott

On to the weird wildcard show on Thursday!

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