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American Idol Top 10 - March 25, 2003

Smoky Robinson helped the gang today, because it's Motown week. How much of a facelift did he do? Look out Kenny.

I really am hopeful about the music, because this is such a potentially tuneful week. If it goes as I hope, then we'll have a nailbiter tonight.

1. Matt Giraud - Let's Get It On

Ooh, he got away from the piano. Hmmm I like him more at the piano because he looks like a preppy nerd trying at impress his girlfriend. My my my, such a tight pair of pants, Batman... Tunewise, I like the excellent song choice because it works with his smoky sound. Nothing too wild about the interpretation. Oh lovely money notes at the end. Since I tend to set the first person at a score of 50 and compare everyone to the that score, Matt gets 50, but I really think more folks are going to be scored lower than this.

2. Kris Allen - How Sweet It Is

He's doing a folksier / country version of it. Hmm, the arrangement works for me. I like it though there were a couple of odd notes at first. What's up with the shirt? Looks like a reject outfit from Les Miserables. Paula's dancing around. Nice song choice after all. He has a good money note there at the end. Just a tad less impressive than Matt so far. Score 48.

3. Scott McIntyre - Can't Hurry Love

During the interview Scott said that he's "single right now... until that person shows up"... Gender neutral... Very interesting... Can we have yet another gay contestant this year? I like the song but unfortunately, it does make him sound somewhat saccharine. It exposes some of weaknesses in his higher notes. The dancers behind him are somehow meant to create a different zing to his offering, but it does come off weird in some way because the other sings don't seem to have backup dancers. Wow, I think Simon has it right. It's all about song choice and not his voice. Score 30.

4. Megan Joy - For Once in My Life

Ok. I only have one thing to say about this one. Thank goodness I only have to hear this song just once in my life. Oh wait, I may have to listen to it again tomorrow if she's ejected. Oh this is not good for me. Lots of bad notes and she looks like she's dressed in only 1/2 of a Little Mermaid outfit. Randy called it a train wreck - he's so polite. Ms K is right - song choice was that the song controlled Megan and not Megan controlling the song. Maybe I'll be polite. Score 2.

5. Anoop Desai - Oo Baby Baby

I have to ask, is Smoky of any use? He keeps saying "Keep it exactly like that". Compare that with last year's Mariah who made lots and lots and lots of changes! Here comes Anoop. He really like taking the songs that are burnished into our heads, almost untouchable songs. Hmm not happy with this one. He's trying to look sexy but comes off narcoleptic. Not happy about a couple of those notes. He's pretty impressive but not perfect. Right on Simon, he looked sleepy. Score 40.

6. Michael Sarver - Ain't Too Proud to Beg
He's got a big voice but does he really have to go begging for the evangelical vote by saying he's gonna church it up? He's got a nice big boy voice but I really don't feel the emotion in his voice during this song. If this is taking us to church, it must be a Quaker sevice. It's sort of like a song you'd hear at a senior citizen cruise ship. It's better than last week at least. I'm surprised he wanted to go for some meandering money note because it wasn't clear, it wasn't on pitch and it wasn't pretty. Score 10.

7. Lil Rounds - Heat Wave

Oh no. Lil - this was your week. I definitely did not like this song choice. Oh it got better at the end but I did not even like the first part of this song. I'm majorly disappointed. Where's my Diva? This was Motown week and I really felt like Lil should have shined. Here come the comments. Oh kiss of death: You look beautiful. It really is the song choice problem. Of course Paula liked it. I still liked the end of the song some, so Score 20. Come on Lil, think "Diva" not "Whoopie from Sister Act".

8. Adam Lambert - The Tracks of My Tears

Adam's next and he looks like he's sincerely trying to forget all about last week. Wow, he looks so different. Sort of like Link Larkin in HairSpray-the movie-then-the musical-then the movie. WOW love the tenderness singing beside the acoustic guitar. Bordered on boring but in fact it wasn't, it was moving. Of course, Kris could have played it himself. Only one weird note. Oh like that ending, even if it was a smidge over the top. Kid can sing - it was gorgeous with a capital groove. Score 90. Seriously. It blew everyone away tonight. Sort of my impression with David Archuleta did Imagine and when David Cooke did Billie Jean.

9. Danny Gokey - Get Ready

OK, so it's an acceptable arrangement and a nice sound in general. But, I did not like the way he sang it as much as other songs he's done. He was too breathy. Maybe he needs to workout some more. For some reasons, the judges (except Simon) are liking him. Out of habit? We know the boy can sing, but we don't need any grade inflation here folks. I'm disappointed because I think he could have done a hot sexy Motown song instead of this. Where's the sexy folks? Motown was sexy! The best performances tonight worked the sexy.

10. Allison Iraheta - Papa was a Rolling Stone

Allison's moved on up to me in the past few weeks. She's really powered past the others and I've felt more than comfortable buying her last two iTunes songs. Ooh, she's putting the sexy in the song. I like it. This girl can sing, though what's up with that outfit? MONEY NOTE of the nite. Loved it loved it loved it. Finally, we got a good money note on Motown night. Loved it. Score 70.

So there it is folks. Two singers were in a class by themselves and a couple others came close.

In order:

5708 Adam
5710 Allison
5701 Matt
5702 Kris
5705 Anoop
5703 Scott
5709 Danny
5707 Lil
5706 Michael
5704 Megan

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