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American Idol - Top 11

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American Idol - Tuesday March 17, 2009
The Top 11

OK, So it's country night. Hmm, not sure if all the hype about country music is needed.

1. Michael Sarver - "Ain't Goin Down Til the Sun Comes Up"
I wonder why the made such a big deal about the words. He's got them down, but it's not like the melody is served by them. He's having fun, but I'm not enjoying his vocals for a change. Somewhat disappointing since this should be his kick butt episode. I have to only give him 50.

2. Allison Iraheta - "Blame it on the Heart"
I love Allison's voice. She's a natural performer to me. I guess if she had to sing a country song, this is the one for her to do. It really suits her. Man I like her and hope she goes far. I have to give him a 67.

3. Kris Allen - "To Make You Feel My Love"
Now, Kris is someone who has grown on me in the past 3 or 4 weeks. Wow, that was beautiful and smooth. You could tell he's singing to his wife. I really liked this low-key and romantic performance. I usually don't like ballads on this show, but this was lovely. 78.

4. Lil Rounds - "Independence Day"
Now Lil, I've always liked. I'm somewhat surprised she dressed so sophisticated for country night, but with her voice, I don't care if she's wearing a sack cloth. I do like her voice. Now that she opens up her song it's powering on. Only a couple odd notes on her riff. Good money note. Score 71.

5. Adam Lambert - "Ring of Fire"
Funny intro. Oh my. Interesting. Soooo risky! It's definitely theatrical ala Queen or Who during Rock Opera's greatest flaming moments. I really like this take, but I cannot imagine folks out there enjoying it. Actually, since I do like the Beatles' and George Harrison's and Led Zep's experiments with eastern music, it works for me. But it ain't country. Ugh, I want to score him 70 but I think given the show I have to give him only 55.

6. Scott McIntyre - "Wild Angels"
Not sure if I would have picked this song but it's actually a reasonable song for his voice once he gets into the meat. A couple of flat notes in there which is a shame since he has a good sound. In some ways, it's another safe song. Hmm, I imagine that Paula wants him to dance, but that's just not going to happen. Seems like the judges think he's being safe too. Score 60.

7. Alexis Grace - "Jolene"
I like this song normally but not sure the look and the song and her personality all are working together. There are some odd notes here and I'm not sure if the blues sound works for her. I like her more with attitude and not poor-me. Score 45.

8. Danny Gokey - "Jesus Take the Wheel"
Hmm, what an odd choice to sing and what's with the white Members Only jacket? Oh ok he's on his mark now. Nice smoky sound with only a couple odd notes. He's got money notes. One of those two-half performances. Not one of his best but he should be ok. Score 62.

9. Anoop Desai - "You're Always On My Mind"
Anoop has one of those sincere voices that is clear and without pretense. This is a good song choice given that, except that it's one of those danger songs again. Oh lovely opening verse. So nice. Good arrangement. He's wearing a jacket, like Danny - are they cold? Wish he milked the money note some more. Very nice albeit somewhat safe. Score 68.

10. Megan Joy - "Walkin After Midnight"
OK, so she knows what her strengths are. Look at the outfit! If she stops dancing this will be good. Good song choice because it's fitting her well. Um, if she stays away from those high notes, she'll be better off. She gets the last notes mostly. Score 52.

11. Matt Giraud - "So Small"
Another Underwood song? Must be something about choosing past Idol winners that gives strength to your audience vote. Nice take on this one. Very soulful sound. He's another one who's been growing on me. Score 72.

So the rankings are:
78 Kris Allen
72 Matt Giraud
71 Lil Rounds
68 Anoop Desai

And the bottom 3:

Megan Joy
Michael Sarver (too bad)
Alexis Grace (too bad)

Interesting. Only Lil is one of my favorites for the final 4. Might be a heck of a wrestling match towards the end of this season.

Til next week!

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