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American Idol Finals - Triskaidekaphobia

As a regular viewer of American Idol since Season 3, I fear that I fear the number 13. It's so weird to have finals with 13 finalists instead of 12. And, apparently, Fox didn't do it's homework... The 13th phone number after its regular sequence of voting phone numbers wasn't available: It goes to a sex chat line! Good heavens! I guess Triskaidekaphobia has its benefits!

So from tonight's show, two will go home tomorrow.

The theme: Michael Jackson.

1. Lil Rounds - The Way You Make Me Feel

Looking forward to this because I like Lil.. Hmm, I like the look but the treatment's kind of too up and up. She's trying to jazz it up, blues it up and keep it from being too limp. She has vocals but she's doing some Patti Labelle moves that seem to be new. I like it but am wondering who she really is. Got better as it went along. Nice falsetto. Hehe, agree with Simon on the outfit. Score 67.

2 Scott MacIntyre - Keep the Faith

Hmm, Scott is a good story that Fox has pushed. Good voice all along too. But he's doing a ballad, which is typically not the best way to get votes because it's just so safe. Nice tones. Ooh, nice falsetto. Got more exciting as it went along, but it's still a ballad. His performance simply cannot be too exciting because his sight impairment will limit the ability to work the crowd like the other singers. It ought to be interesting to see if people will vote for him. Score 60.

3. Danny Gokey - Pretty Young Thing

Oh good. They didn't belabor the story about his dead wife. It's sad, but somehow I felt manipulated by Fox. Eh, when have I not felt manipulated by Fox. He certainly turned the song to a more modern sound, but hmm his performance seems a bit forced. Love the tone of his voice and his moans are on key. Wasn't off key all throughout the beginning, like last month. Good job overall. And after, at least he admits he's not a natural dancer. Score 80.

4. Michael Sarver - You Are Not Alone

We have an American Story in Michael, what with the blue collar job working at an oil rig. Over on top of the feedback, he's singing a ballad. Another safe song. I'm surprised he didn't do a more of a country sound. A bit too much vibrato for me tonight, which is surprising since he didn't do much of that earlier this year. Oh, nice clear tones when he doesn't try to shake it. I like the song choice for him. It'll get him some votes. Score 68.

5. Jasmine Murray - I’ll Be There

This is such an old fashioned song. At least it's been done more recently with Mariah. She just doesn't sound like she's 16. Not happy with her low notes but she has a good upper range and power sound. Ooh good money note ending. Definitely hope she has a career some day and hope that youth vote for her despite her older sounding song choices. Surprised Randy liked it, since he hates it when anyone sinces Mariah's songs. Score 65.

6. Kris Allen - Do You Remember the Time

He's married? Seems younger than the others but is similar in age. Hmm I don't like the song choice. He might get the young girl vote but his performance didn't really have a zing in it. The performance could have come from alot of clubs across America really. A shame, because I think he's cute and has a nice voice. Score 50.

7. Allison Iraheta - Give In To Me

Wow, look at her. She's hot and does not look 16. She has a fantastic rock voice that she rolls out tonight. This is really a good heavier rock take on the song. Love the money note too. I cannot believe she's this talented and polished. If America can get over her wild look, they'll go for her. She and Chris Daughtry ought to do an album together. Score 85.

8. Anoop Desai - Beat It

Oh no, NC Anoop will be doing the most famous song in the collection, so that's not very good. Hmm. He does carry the notes right. He even flourishes well. So it's a shame since he has such a nice voice. Oops, one bad note. Hmmm. Sort of a campy performance on there. Not sure I like the dancing and all that. Smile dude! People vote for you if you smile. Simon is brutal because you just cannot touch this one number. Score 45.

9. Jorge Nunez - Never Can Say Goodbye

Jorge (and Kris) doesn't seem to get the backstory that the other singers get. Once he settled down, nice vocals, but this song can be too easy in some ways. The arrangement wasn't one that powered forward, so I'm sure someone is going to say it's a bit too cabaret. I wish he could own the stage a little more. OK, Kara enough with the language difference. Sheesh. Ooh, Simon's not happy. To me, just a shade below Kris on this performance because Kris at least had a guitar. Score 48.

10. Megan Corkrey - Rockin’ Robin

Huh? Michael Jackson did this song? Hmm, somehow it does't seem to be in the spirit of tonight's contest. I'm not sure about this song. Well it gets better as it goes along. The first part seemed corny for her. The performance is not comfortable. Don't think it worked. Too bad. She was in my middle tier for this show. Score 40.

11. Adam Lambert - Black or White

OK Fiyero. Hope he does well because I like anything Broadway. From the pics of him, I wish he never died his hair black because he's a nice looking lad. Ooh, nice light job on the stage behind him. He sure works that stage like Fiyero. Hmm, sort of a slowish song for him. Nice vocals. Finally someone who doesn't look uncomfortable on stage (other than Allison). He's spiked that arrangement very nicely. Sounds like a favorite for the later rounds. Hmmm. How do I choose between Adam and Allison tonight? Because I expected this from Adam, maybe I'll score him harder. Score 83.

12. Matt Giraud - Human Nature

Another boring intro story. These guys are hurt by them I think. Hmm a safe song. Oh I like that falsetto. Nice sound and good piano playing. He looked good. Not sure how to they differentiate some safe performances from others, but this one had some good vocal flourishes that show he's not some random lounge singer. Score 63.

13. Alexis Grace - Dirty Diana
Oh good lighting for her too. Nice rocking nasty girl here. Not sure if America's grammas will vote for her, but the men may. Good vocals though somewhat shouted out. The attitude is good but it's sort of much. Only one bad note. Aww, didn't like the cut money note short. Hope we see her next week. Score 55


85 Allison Iraheta
83 Adam Lambert
80 Danny Gokey
68 Michael Sarver
67 Lil Rounds
65 Jasmine Murray
63 Matt Giraud
60 Scott McIntyre
55 Alexis Grace
50 Kris Allen
48 Jorge Nunez
45 Anoop Desai
40 Megan Corkrey

Unfortunately, if I were to drop the bottom two folks tonight, that would be Megan and Anoop. Somewhat surprised by that but that's what the finals are all about, right?

Do I see any favorites? Not sure. I see certain people I expect to see move forward. But I'm not "turned on" by any competitors like last year. I don't see anyone who has grabbed me and to say "That person BETTER be a finalist". But I won't be at all surprised if the top 5 are Allison, Adam, Danny, Lil and Jasmine - they seem consistently good.

Til tomorrow night!

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