Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Idol Semi-Finalists (36) Group 2

Didn't get to vote last night so I'm watching the DVR of the show today on Thursday. Instead of seeing the show, I did get to see a wonderful concert at Club 322 in Sierra Madre. Love the work of the Jennifer Leitham Trio!

So here we go.

1. The 16yo girl Mississippi, Jasmine Murray, sang "Love Song". She sang it way too low. Her voice has such a nice quality but here it quivered throughout. Nerves? Disappointed because I've liked her earlier so far this season. Sounds like the judges are agreeing. I'll set her at a score of 55 to start the night.

2. Matt Giraud, the "dueling piano player", is next. Who comes up with these nicknames? Cold Play's "Viva La Vida" is his number. He's had a clear voice during the season so far, but he's got some odd vibrato tonight. And I'm he looks uncomfortable up there. I think the contestants should stay away from those low notes tonight I guess. Another one having problems down there. Score was 50. Preferred Jasmine to this one.

3. Jeanine Vailes from Washington DC is a bartender.Not sure about the hooker look or the really deep notes. Leave the notes to us basses! Pitchy. She was trying to work up a diva thing but it just wasn't good. I'm going to have to score her as a 45.

4 Nick Mitchell sang as Norman Gentle and I guess Jennifer Holliday... “And I Am Telling You” was never done in a bandana before I imagine. Well, how refreshing to not hear the song sung too low! I've never understood this comedy act and the screaching is rather distressing. Well at least he had a nice money note soaring before he truncated it. Is Paula sober tonight? She's actually comprehensible until she said "blah blah blah". Score was 4.

5. Allison Iraheta is a 17yo high school student from L.A (born next door in Glendale). She's doing Heart's “Alone”. Best so far and she's actually entertaining to watch. Nailed it. As Randy said, "she blew it out the box". Score is 75.

6. Kris Allen has that Archie look. He sang “Man In the Mirror”. He's singing it fine but not memorable. If one of the guys coming up sounds as good but impresses more, Kris will be out. Nice money note. Score was 65.

7. Now, in a babydoll dress and tattoos, we have Megan Joy Corkrey and “Put Your Records On”. She's got a nice sound, sort of bluesy. She'd sell at Starbucks. Some quivering that money note. Score is 60.

8. The welder is on. Matt Breitzke does a song “If You Could Only See”. Comes across as a karaoke song to me and seemed somewhat boring. Pretty on much pitch for the most part but not overly memorable. I guess they thought more of him because they keep saying it's song choice. Score was 55 to me.

9. Jesse Langseth does “Bette Davis Eyes”? That's a tough quirky song to do. Missing the high notes. No this isn't working for me. Score is 45, same as the bartender.

10. Kai Kalama is the hair and the guitar. He did “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?” and hmmm not particularly memorable. Silky voice. He seems really gawky up there. Yikes one section was pitchy. Score 55.

11. Mishavonna Henson was apparently a singer last year, too. She did "Drops of Jupiter”. I can't stand that staccato stuff. Not really on pitch in some parts. Score was 48.

12. Oh I like the Rolling Stones. Adam Lambert is the Wicked guy doing "Satisfaction" with a super slow intro. Perfectly on pitch. Surprised he did the whole rock thing. Ooh he worked some of those notes. Didn't realize he did rock, since he's such a Broadway guy. Nice money note. Score 70.

So, my top list is Allison then Adam then Kris then Megan. Given the male / female thing it looks like:

Girls: Allison
Guys: Adam
Wildcard: Kris

And, one more comment : Still hate this format!

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