Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb 10 American Idol in Hollywood

Not sure about this episode. Zipping right through, so this is just note keeping for my blog. Hope I get the names right.

Adam Lambert. The guy from Wicked.
Love him. Hope he goes foward. Singing Cher's "Believe". Changed it to a emo song. Not sure I liked it but it was perfectly in pitch.

Keyboardist Matt Giraud from Kalamazoo.
Has a nice bluesy voice with his geeky look. I liked it much.

Look at the hideous floor in the holding room.

Jamar Rogers is the bud of Danny.
It's sort of gimmicky but I really love his personality and his vocal control.

Danny Gockey, whose wife died.
Man I love his voice. It's a smoky controlled performance, though the falsetto slightly veared.

Anoop Desai from NC.
Ooh, he grooves pretty nice. Not so geeky any more.

Puerto Rico Nunez guy got no coverage.

Scott McIntyre the blind guy.
Hope he goes forward. Wow, what a great voice.

Kendall Beard from Austin.
Hey, she's doing Carrie's song. Sounded good.

Short sounds from Fallon gal.

Short sounds from the mom.

Blond-dyed girl whose partner was a mean hair-stylist.
Wow big mouth and a Joplin sound.

Mishavonna has returned
Not sure about that voice. Altos don't do so well.

Tatanya the pushy girl from PR.
She has a nice voice but her personality is annoying. Hmm started to screach.

Alexis Grace also sang Carrie. Barely any coverage.

Kenny Hoffpauer. Barely any coverage.

Jasmine Murray is the 16yo who sings like a dreamy grownup.

Queenie Nathanial played the guitar. Not much of a play. Sounded ok.

Joanna Pacitti - I don't recall.
Oh dear. Not good.

Casey Carlson (I don't recall) forgot his words too.

Not sure who the pianist Stephen Fowler is. Ooh, seriously forgot his words.

Not sure if it's Norman or Nick. Nope. Norman Mitchell performing.
He's singing Georgia. I just don't get why they like his drag so much.

Ann-Marie Boscovich sang a song others did in a purple song.
Just ok to me.

Ju'not Joyner sang a pretty ballad.
Doesn't have a star look to me but it could work.

Louisville Caylon was sad that Simon cut her off.

Leneshe Young was the homeless girl.
She has alot of good tude. Not sure how she sounded from the short clip.

Kai Kalarama was offkey from a tired voice.

Michael "roughneck" Sarver
What a gift he has.

India Morrison seems to be off-key.

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