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Feb 17 - The Voting begins. Week 1 (36 group 1)

Love to vote on this show. Not a cynic like that vote for the worst site. I really think people should be given a chance to win it all. The mocking is mean to me.

So on to the show. Not sure how the voting format will be.

Oy this is tough.
They'll be picking one girl and one guy and the next highest vote getter from each night, for a total of 3 people. I don't like it because it means we hear some of these people only once.

My comments:

5701. Jackie Thon - "Little Less Conversation"
Nice sultry sound. Oh she's rocking it out. Works with her voice. She's entertaining, if someone awkward and oddly dressed. Sort of J Joplin. The notes were just ok but was really into it. So she's staked out the "rocker" genre and not the "diva" genre. Have to admit, seems more votable than last year's nurse. I'll start with giving her a score of 50.

5702. Ricky Braddy - Country guy "This Song for you"
Ooh nice and lovely sound. Surprising sexy sound. Only a couple of odd notes. Fell into a nice falsetto. Man he brings it out. Gorgeous tone. I'm surprised. I'll give him a score of 75.

5703. Alexis Grace - "Never Loved a Man".
Mommy with the pink hair. Sexy sultry look.Singing an Aretha song but with a soulful sound. She's doing well but not sure it's a sellable act. Her low sultry notes weren't as good as her hot sound voice. Fun to watch. Simon actually likes her (instead of dissing the everyone). Not as into her as Simon was unfortunately. I'm scoring her a 68.

5704. Brent Keith - "Hick Town"
Beefy 29yo country guy. Not exactly memorable. Good looking (dimples that don't quit) and should get some votes. Some odd notes but a touch of nervousness. Simon dissed him as singing a forgetable tune then Brent basically courts the country vote. Score is 45.

5705. Stevie Wright - "You Belong With Me"
The 17yo girl from the Barstow area. Not a good choice and her voice is too low for it. She's nervous maybe? She didn't sound this shaky and off-key before. Aww, sort of sad. Score of 30.

5706. Anoop Desai - "Angel of Mine"
The geeky guy with a teen voice. I really do like his voice. Not sure about this boyband sound, but he may get a bunch of teen votes this way. Don't really care for the vibrato but his money note was good and straight. Score of 70. Think Ricky Braddy beat him tonight, though I've liked Anoop more up until now.

5707. Casey Carlson - "Every Little Thing She Does"
Pretty girl. Not on key. Looking a little scary and like a lounge singer or a pole dancer. We need to stop it now because the song choice was out the window. Score 10.

5708. Michael Sarver - "Hard on the Ticker"
Crapkicker or roughneck or whatever they called him. He's a pre-season fave of mine. Oh dear. Not good. He's vamping it up. I don't care for the song but he sounded good by the end. He's really good with soulful numbers so it's a shame that he wanted to do this so rocker. I'm scoring him 65.

5709. Ann Marie Boskovich - "Feel Like a Natural Woman"
She's a waitress who had to go out and come back in. Third note wasn't good. She has a nice voice with a couple of nervous quivers. Nice moans. Ooh finally a good money note. Score 70. Not sure why they're so down on her. I liked her more than Alexis.

5710. Steven Fowler - "Rock With You"
He's the guy who has forgetten lyrics during the tryouts. Oh my. This isn't working for me. Off-key and not weirdly sung, as though shakiness masked as vibrato were acceptable. And a horrifying money note. Well, at least he did better than Casey. Score 15.

5711. Tatiana del Toro - "Saving All My Love"
Crazy Puerto Rican contestant. Smoky. Nice sound. Good high notes and a handle on the low notes. Some wiggly notes and shakiness but overall pretty good. Good money note. Score 69.

5712. Danny Gokey - "Hero"
The widower music teacher. Nice sound with so much soul. Could have had some more gravitas in the beginning. But he handles the lyrics nice and love the money notes. Good falsetto and close. He has got to move forward. Score 85.

Well this will be tough because I think three guys did best. Seems a shame that they cannot all go onward. The three women who topped their gender were all so close, but I think Ann Marie bested them. Tatiana was just this much shakier than Ann Marie. So, I'm ready to start voting for the following people


5712 (Danny w/ 85) ***
5702 (Ricky w/ 75) ***
5706 (Anoop w/ 70) ***
5709 (Ann Marie w/ 70) ***
5711 (Tatiana w/ 69)
5703 (Alexis w/ 68)
5708 (Michael w/ 65)
5701 (Jackie w/ 50)
5704 (Brent w/ 45)
5705 (Stevie w/ 30)
5710 (Stephen w/ 15)
5707 (Casey w/ 10)

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