Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Idol - April 20 - Seven Finalists

1. Scotty McCreery - Swingin
Oh hello, that's fun to watch, though rather safe.

2. James Durbin - Uprising
OK he really is a straight Adam Lambert & David Cook merged. Theatrical. Sang "Uprising" but could have been called "Up an Octave".

3. Haley Reinhart - Rolling in the Deep
Competent. Not thrilled by the song choice, workable.

4. Jacob Lusk - Dance with My Father
America clearly likes Jacob, but seriously, I'd like him to do something different or else I'll just keep dwelling on the 2 or 3 flat notes, including the money note.

5. Casey Abrahms - Harder to Breathe
I liked it: unexpected, energetic, stretched. But will his supporters like it?

6. Stefano Langone - Closer
Another competent performance. Not memorable but workmable.

7. Lauren Alaina - Born to Fly
Energetic, mostly on target. Forgettable song and interpretation


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