Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Idol - April 13 - Eight finalists

1. Paul McDonald - Old Time Rock N Roll
His voice is too thin and reedy for this song. I don't think it worked for me.

2. Lauren Alaina - The Climb
Sounded lightweight to me. The money notes were good but the breathing was off.

3. Stefano Langone - End of the Road
Not fun to hear. Well the money note was good. But what an odd vibrato.

4. Scotty McCreery - Across My Heart
This song is dreamy with his voice. A sleepy choice, but he sounds good. Good money note.

5. Casey Abrahms - Nature Boy
Nice mood music. A couple of odd notes. Another odd choice.

6. Haley Reinhart - Call Me
Weak start. I like the sassy style but it was more screachy than melodic.

7. Jacob Lusk - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Ouch he slips flat on money notes. Agree with advisors: corny.

8. James Durbin - Heavy Metal
I don't care for the choice. His scream was flat. He performed it well otherwise.


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