Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol 2009 April 28 - Top 5 - Rat Pack

Rat Pack and Jamie Fooooooooooooxxxxxx!

Wow, he's incredible. He's just so amazing, as a performer and as an actor. What a great way to start the show

Oh, no, Kris is in the crappy #1 pole position. This is horrible. HORRIBLE. He's my current favorite. Did you see him in the latest USA Today article? It basically says that he could be sneak in and surge past Danny and (because of the way voters switch allegiances once their faves lose) possibly take on Adam directly.... Where has USAToday been? For Pete's sake, in terms of American Idol fanatics and voting tendencies, there has clearly been an unprecedented ground-swell favoring Kris. He might not overtake Adam, but there's no doubt that his suppressed fame in the beginning rounds had no effect whatsoever on the general public.

I want to be clear about this: I want a "Kris v Adam" final almost as much as a I wanted "David v David" final last year.

Think about it! They're just so.... dissimilar! It'd be wonderful... Any red state voter should be pushing for this final, because it would give them their first chance in a year to vote for someone who's actually popular.

01/06. Kris Allen - Thinking of You
Wow, Jamie wants to work with Kris? That's intense! So he chose a ballad that must have made Anoop jealous. Hmmm. Okay, I have to admit, the boy looks good in that tight suit. Ooh, uptick in the tempo. Hmm Not a confident falsetto high note. Oh this is a wonderful transition. Oooooh, perfect Rat Pack money note. Now that was a sultry, sexy, hot performance. Not sure what to say other than "He totally wants to win". I typically start at 50 for the first person, but don't be surprised if that's one of the high scores right now. Paula said he went from "adorable boy next door" to "gentleman"... I just say "dang if Simon says Kris is wet, then let's see him wet".

02/07 Allison Iraheta - Someone to Watch Over Me
Amazing. I was blown away. This was incredible. She finally shows depth, and agility. This girl simply cannot be just turning 17! She looked and sounded so beyond her years. If she decides to do someone other than rock, she'll still excel. Score 55. Simon, what are you smoking?

03/08 Matt Giraud - My Funny Valentine
Jamie gives great advice. A lower key register will give Matt's vocal range a chance to shine. Hmmm, it also gives him a chance to warble off pitch here and there. And there. And here. Well, Jamie was right, the money note was really good. Score 40. OK, Simon, you really must be smoking something. There's no way he could have topped Allison tonight dude.

[Honesty: I had one too many free Bud Lights at the Scottsbluff Nebraska Hampton Inn convention center lounge, while waiting for the show to begin.]

04/09 Danny Gokey - Come Rain or Shine
Well, this is nice. This is only the second week (and the second week in a row no less) that Danny has really shined in this show. He finally is showing some creativity and artistic guts. I like the sound and the interpretation and wow, love the glasses. Hey Danny, I have a picture of my Dad carrying me around as a baby and he wore those same glasses back in the day. Score 54.

[Commercial break: I laughed alot but whoa that Minute Maid boost commercial was simply inappropriate for this show. There are kids watching this thing, people!]

05/10 Adam Lambert - Feeling Good
Adam, dressed as Steve Martin, gets to saunter down those steps like he's walking into the prom. The theatrics is way over the top. Even Frank and Deano couldn't have done this song this way. Is it really a Rat Pack number? No matter. It was a beautiful, falsetto-ridden, lavish and lush song with tremendous clarity. The second to last measure, which lasted 3 minutes longer than Bill Clinton's impeachment trial, was spectacular... And needed three bathroom breaks.... Score 51.

I don't think I've ever score an American Idol episode this close. They're all very good and I don't think anybody really choked. There were some really good moments here.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Adam may have been dressed as Steve Martin, but certainly was in step with John Travolta. What a strut!

Uncle /\/\el said...

Hi Jofel, I reviewed the staircase walk. You're right, that's about the most assertive man-strut we'll ever get to see on uncensored TV !!