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American Idol - 2009 Apr 14 - Top 7

OK, last week I was a little rude. I might just edit and add back the comments that I had entered for the others. But I really was impressed by that version of Mad World. It wasn't merely despondent like the version that Adam based it upon; it was forlorn, creepy, and unhinged. Thank heavens!

Well tonight, inexplicably, we have Quentin Tarantino as the guest judge. Not sure why he's such a music master, but at least he knows movies and soundtracks. Hmm, he was a guest judge in season 3. I didn't watch it back then, so I'll pretend he knows what he's doing here.

1. Allison Iraheta "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
Ooh a very nice sweet and tender start. A little spotty in the chorus, but she's got that rocker sentimentality about her. The problem for me is that I *love* the David Cook version last year. So this is tough for me because I have to compare against that one. But it's really a good performance. I give a 50, because she's first and compare everyone against her.

2. Anoop Desai "Look Into My Eyes"
He only sings ballads? It's clear and a nice simple delivery. But it's not about to grab anyone by the collar and make them go out and buy the song. Hmm, a slight country sound to it. is he still going for some country voters? All notes are on key. I give it 55. I'd give it more but it was sorta limp for the most part.

3. Adam Lambert "Born to Be Wild"
I think I like Adam most when he's restrained, so this movie genre seems to be a risk. Hmm it's sort of a Queen-version of Adam. Sound-wise, he's right on to me.It's almost Zep-like in his falsetto. What's not to like about the sound? I just wish he didn't wring out every single melodramatic cliche during his performances. Score 70. Simon did say something that resonated with me. Great sound but a Rocky Horror look.

4. Matt Giraud "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman"
He's just so Justin sometimes. I guess that wins votes. Nice lovely start. He really should do the whole Billy Joel piano-man thing. Doubt he could do Elton. Huh, what was that? That was a very weird middle. Nice falsetto money note to maybe mask that really odd middle section. Score 35.

5. Danny Gokey "Endless Love"
Looks better without his glasses. Yes please restrain those hands. One weird note at the beginning. I like the approach he's taking. He's sort of doing the "dude singing to his wife at the wedding" sound to me. It's a nice sound but there's no way you can do anything with this song - it's just boring. Score 48.

6. Kris Allen "Falling Slowly"
I'm not familiar with this song. Sort of pitchy first three notes. Nice cleaned up look for a change. Interesting, he's going for a more emo sound and look. Ooh nice falsetto. Dull song to me but he's making it work. At least he does his Kris yell during one part. Hmm, almost a slightly David Cook sound. Is it Cook night? Randy's wrong I think tonight because Kris sang a lower register than he has before. Score 60.

7. Lil Rounds "The Rose"
Now this is one of my favorite songs of all time. She karaoked Tina last week. Hmm, she's now impersonating Bette. She can't seem to do a diva song without an impersonation unfortunately. Where are these notes heading? She's doing a slightly more gospel sound to the piece but no it's not working. And there's no gravitas if she's doing it gospel. Hmm more than a few wrong notes. Oh Lil, where's the Lil from the first part of the year? No she messed up the money note. :( Score 20.

Rankings, top to bottom
03 Adam
06 Kris
02 Anoop
01 Allison
05 Danny
04 Matt
07 Lil

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