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American Idol 2009 Apr 21 - Top 6 + 1

Wow, so here we are, getting ready to review this week's edition and I can't figure out what to title this blog entry. It's supposed to be "Top 6" but then last week the judges saved Matt Giraud. We still have 7 contestants. But this week, eek, they eject two contestants. It's gonna be a rough night tomorrow night!

Before we begin, I was reviewing my top list with friend Sally of Castro Valley to see which of our contestants matched. We seem to agree that the top 4 remaining are Adam, Kris, Danny and Allison. I have to say, though I really like Allison, I have my doubts about her longevity here. She's just too much, methinks, for America at large. But I wonder what the Apple iTunes sales are looking like, because I know that she's one of my favorites to download.

So, here we go. Let's get on with it.

Hmm, they're removing the intro stuff.

1. Lil Rounds - I'm Every Woman

Hmm, sounds only just fine. Not great. She has a good sound as always but I really don't get the feel about what she's all about. She just sings things so directly or karaoke. It wasn't original again or even interpreted, really - that's the problem. Ouch, Simon doesn't mince words. I will give her a score 50, since she's the first person.

2. Kris Allen - She Works Hard for the Money

Interesting, they're interviewing Kris. Why didn't they interview Lil? They put her in the lousy #1 spot and then didn't let her talk except to sound all talkback.

Oooooo, nice interpretation! Very 70s and still avoiding the whole disco thing. One odd note at the start. Mmm this is a delish interpretation. Very original. It's all folksy and artsy. This is one to download. Awesome. Loved it! Score 88.

3. Danny Gokey - September

This is good. Not as predictable as a typical Danny song. I do like his voice, but he does have a predictability about him... Including a predictable offkey note. And he's just not the disco dancer. He really energizes the song with that raspy voice. It's alot more interesting that I expected. And didn't miss a note this week. Score 68. Huh, is she deaf? Kara said he doesn't ever have pitch problems. Allow me to replay his previous performances, please.

4. Allison Iraheta - Hot Stuff

Wow, she's starting it all slow. Where is this going? Nice transition. She's turned this into a real hot rocking song. This is a totally listenable rock song now. Very very good. Love that paused money note! I could see Aerosmith doing this rendition. Loved it. Score 89.

5. Adam Lambert - If I Can't Have You

Oh, surprising. He's doing it as a ballad. I love it when he does slow songs. Not expected at all for this song. Wow, he's so imposing on that stage vocally. You just don't wanna go against him directly. Of course he has to throw in the falsetto screams in there. Wow, that was impressive. Score 87. Paula is crying?

6. Matt Giraud - Stayin Alive

Well Matt's got a nice sound this week - unlike last week. Nice use of his really good falsetto. He's doing some reasonable dance steps. Hmm, odd climb to the money note but finished it nicely. He sings it well for the most part, but it wasn't the original version. Score 60.

7. Anoop Desai - Dim All the Lights

Anoop is doing what he does best, which is sing ballads slowly. Hmm a couple of pitchy notes there. Not enjoying the look either - he looks like a wedding singer in London. It's a ok rendition, but my goodness his strength is really a sleepy one for me. Score 64.

So, in order of how I liked them in descending order:

04 Allison
02 Kris
05 Adam
03 Danny
07 Anoop
06 Matt
01 Lil

But the first three are essentially a tie and I'm just trying to break the tie. OK, time to vote!

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