Thursday, May 5, 2011

American Idol 2011 Top Five

American Idol Five Finalists

1. James Durbin
Sounded somewhat flat in a few places. He fits the 80s rocker style. Don't enjoy the song.

2. Jacob lusk
What a screaming, sharp, painful performance. I muted it

3. Lauren Alaina
Good song choice. Safe but fun performance. Liked it

4. Scotty McCreery
Went down range again. He worked the crowd. Loved his vocal play

5. Haley Reinhart
Some parts were good, but uneven. Not sure I liked the choice.

6. James Durbin
A ballad? Good range if slow. Ah there's his trademark scream. Emotional but imperfect.

7. Jacob Lusk
I don't get the falsetto and baritone swapping. Still flat. Please no more

8. Lauren Alaina
Nice when she got out of the quagmire low notes

9. Scotty McCreery
Slow Scotty again. This is his sweetspot but was almost too low. He's Boricua?!

10. Haley Reinhart
Nailed it. The glides were excessive but more than appropriate

1. Scotty
2. Haley
3. Lauren
4. James
5. Jacob

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